Hello Monkey goes Italian

Italian food is very close to my heart and there is a lot of restaurants in Sweden that have Italian theme, and for couple of months ago a new Italian came to town; Hello Monkey goes Italian. Hello Monkey have two other restaurants all ready in town and are popular. It´s a asian style on th food and it´s working very well for them. So when they now have open a new one, I had to try it. Fun way to mix the two styles; Asian and Italian. Plating like asian food and flavors like italian.

Not the most funny interior at all, and also only high chairs and table. Not that comfortable to long time in. Maybe that´s their idea? Sat down and started of with a bad Roero Arneis while I read the menu and finaly I desided for the Monkey Piccolo menu – five dishes.

I can tell you that I was very surpriced when I gott all the five dishes on my table at the same time. I thought it was a joke, but that is the way they serve it. Sense some of the dishes was warm, I had to eat quick so the last dishes would still be warm. Dish one was BURRATA – Fresh cheese on buffalo cream, tomato, herbsallad with chilitoasted sesame. Second dish was TRUFFLEROLLS – spring rolls filled with mushrooms, spinach, tofu and truffle with peppar and sesame dip. Third dish was GAMBERI y CLAMATO – fried dumplings filled with gamberi in clamato broth with noriaioli. All dished had very nice flavors and I liked it, but it was little bit stressing since the was more dished on my table that I needed to eat before they got cold.

Then next dish, but that I didn´t photo. I forgot about it. So dish number five was next one to taste. PIZZA SPRING ROLLS – filled with ox brush, grilled peppers, pecorino cheese and roasted tomato dip. I was not that satisfied yet, so I ordered in RISOTTO BALLS – fried Risotto balls with lots of chili and then as dessert I ordered a CANNOLI. My favorites was without any question the Pizza Spring Rolls, Risotto Balls and Gamberi y Clamato.

It was a ok dinner, with some really good highlights but the thing with get all the dishes on the same time was something that really annoyed me and that pulls down the rating.

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