MALVIRÀ – Winemaker Dinner

Wednesday and tonight ist´s winemaker dinner with one of my favorite Italian wine producers; MALVIRÀ from Piemonte. The owner and winemaker him self, Roberto Damonte, is coming to town and host this event. It´s always fun to meet my friend Roberto, don´t see so often as I want.

This winemaker dinner is held at Enoteca Magliga, in the area called Majorna. Just outside from the city of Gothenburg. Enoteca Maglia is own by the Italian Roberto Maglia and his wife Anna. It´s a very nice place on a corner, so in summers they get to have a very big outdoor seating and they have a lot of happenings on it during the summer time. The interior is very Italian and I like it and with their new chef, Marcel, they have really taken the food to the next level.

It´s a full seating this night, anythings else would had been chocking. The menu looks great so I´m really looking forward to start eat and the wines are top notch.

We start of with Grappa cured rainbow with grapefruit and fried parsley, to this we drink MALVIRÀ Roero Arneis BIO 2017. Great combo, and sets the tone for the rest of the night. Second dish is Risotto with parmesan and crispy chicken skinn. And here had Roberto brought fresh truffle with him,so the chef tear that over the risotto, to this we drink the MALVIRÀ TreUve 2012. This wine is oaked in french barrels of 450 liters for 12 months. The grapes/ wine is oaked spearate and then he blend the grapes and then it´s stored in bottle in the cellar for 6-8 months before it´s released for sale. 40% Chardonnay, 40% Sauvignon Blanc and 20% Arneis. Third dish is Pappardelle with roasted prime rib with celeriac and sage and this we got served MALVIRÀ Barbera d´Alba San Michele 2015. 24 month in french oak and then 6-8 months in bottle in cellar.

Then we got Swedish duck with jerusalem artichoke and autumn fungus and got served MALVIRÀ Barolo Boiolo 2012. And as last dish we got Chocolate cake with sorbet on sheep´s milk yoghurt with strawberry and as dessertwine we got the woudnerful MALIVRÀ Birbet. The 2 main persons for this night; left is Robert Maglia and right we have Mr. Roberto Damonte.

When dinner was ended, we tried some great avec. BAGACEIRA VELHA RESERVA 1900, it´s an type of Pomace Brandy, close to a grappa. OSBORNE Spanish brandy that was over 100 years old, aged grappa from 1994 and after this, it was time to drop Roberto at his hotel and me to hit the bed and get ready for PIO CESARE winemaker dinner the next day in Karlstad.

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