Pio Cesare – Winemaker Dinner

On my way to Karlstad and for a new Winemaker Dinner and this time it´s at Br. Olssons Elektriska and with Pio Cesare. It´s going to be very interesting to have this winemaker dinner the day after I was at Malvirà winemaker dinner just the day before, and I will have fresh in my mind the taste of the wines and can compare with Pio Cesare. Pio Cesare is a family own winery and classic winery with many good wines, but the volume is small and they are very quality focused.

The first dish is 4 smaller dishes and we have both white and red wine to this. Deer, celery root, rose hip. Also Cod, mussel, apple and then Lobster, cam tapioca and at last Pumpkin, chanterell, speck. The wines was 2017 L´Alto Chardonnay and 2017 Fides Barbera d´Alba. Second dish was Potato, alba truffle, garlic. Here we got served 2014 Barbaresco and 2014 Ornato Barolo.

Then third dish comes on and that is Calf cheek, cep, arborio that was served with 2013 Barolo and 2000 Barolo. As dessert we got served Manjari, grape, caramel, vanilla together with 2016 Moscato d´Asti. Mr Pio Boffa was there and talked about the wines and the winery. Sat at his table, so I got to know him little bit more on a personal level. Great personality and fun.

It as a great night with good food and great wines and looking forward to visit Pio Cesare in Piemonte.

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