Off to Italy – this time Verona

Time to visit Italy again, it´s really my favorite country to visit, and this time I´m going to my favorite town; Verona. Is it possible not to love Verona? Verona have it all and I love everything about it. History, food, wine, atmosphere and everything. This time I was invited by Camera di Commercio di Verona to visit Verona and meet wineries and taste their wines and eat good food. What´s not to like about that? They had booked me at Hotel Giberti in central Verona. First time I stayed at this hotel, but I have to say that it was super. Room was big, bed was big, WC was big, so even here nothing to like.

First night for dinner, we went to Ristorante MAFFEI at Piazza Erbe for a dinner. Have been here before for dinner, but this time I got a guided tour in the basements to see the old historic left overs from buildings that was from the Romans times. Everytime I come to Verona, I always gets to see soomething new and everytime I get more and more in love with Verona.

After a day of winetastings, it was time for dinner again and tonight it was time for Antica TORRETTA more close to the river at the end of old town. Also a place I have been at before for dinner with my friends from LIVON winery.

The came in regular pace and of course the risotto was made with Amarone wine here in Amarone land. In my eyes it´s not looking so nice, but it taste very nice. Also, everywhere I went in the restaurant, it was wine everywhere I looked.

Last night I first got an guided tour from a professional guide, and that my first time I did that and I have to say that 1,5 hour was very interesting and I learn a lot more about Verona. That is something that I really recommend to do. After the guided tour I went to Ristorante Greppia for dinner.

3 very classic dishes in Italy and Verona region. Cured and cheese to start with and then pasta with ragu and finish with Tagliata. It´s so easy to eat to much when I´m in Italy, so this time I tried to eat little bit less.

Then there is one place that everyone must visit if you are in Verona. If you visit this place, you haven´t been in Verona, even you say you been there. The place I´m talking about is; Antica BOTTEGA del Vini. One time I had the pleasure to be guided down in their winecellar and see all the wines, a value about 3,2 million euro. Sense the wine by glass, cost almost nothing I desided to have my own private little winetasting in the bar. 3 white and 3 reds.

Perfect 3 nights in my favorite town and a perfect finish for my 2018 years abroad trips. Verona, Romeo & Julia, Valpolicella, Food is about love and I´m all about love so this is a perfect match for me.

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