Mezzane di Sotto – Italy

On the way back from ROENO to my hotel, I got a call from my friend John at Oli and Wine producer REDORO and he wanted to pick me up the next day and show me the production sites and have lunch before he drove me to the Verona Airport. Of course I said yes to that. Would be great to have some relaxing time with John and enjoy a lunch with him.

Morning and checked out from hotel and jumped into John´s car and he drove to Frantoi REDORO biggest production site and was guided around the different stages of oil production. After that we had a oil tasting in the shop next door to production.

The new winery is still under construction, John desided to take me to one of the other REDORO production sites in the small village Mezzane di Sotto, where they also have a small ristorante where we could have our lunch and drink their wounderful wines.

For the moment they only produce two wines, so John desided to have one bottle for each course, so I could drink them with some local traditional dishes. La Fontanina Valpolicella Ripasso Valpantena Superiore BIO I drank with the Pumpkin ravioli shared on the plate with Pasta with hare. Between these dishes, I have to say that the pasta with hare was wounderful.  Just melted in my mouth, and together with the wine is was really a perfect combo. Good start on this lunch. Second dish we drank La Fontanina Amarone della Valpolicella Valpantena BIO and on the plate is was a local meat ( have forgot what is was – more focused on the wines and some local people on the next table ). Also here the combo was very good. Meat was cooked at the right degree and the matching with the Amarone was great.

During 2019 La Fontanina will also lanuch a Valpolicella, so they then have the full classic range of Valpolicella wines: Amarone, Ripasso and Valpolicella. All the wines are BIO and also many of their oils are BIO. I´m sure that the brand/ name La Fontanina will be a wine to count on in the future when people want to have quality wines from Veneto area and wines like Amarone, Ripasso and Valpolicella.

Lunch is finish and wines are finish and plates are empty and clock is ticking, so we took our seatings in the car and John drove me to Verona Airport, and then was just for me to check in and fly home to Sweden after 4 wounderful and great days in Verona, Italy.

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