Merry Christmas – Dinner

Finally it´s time for X-mas holidays and that means X-mas dinner at my brother and his family and his wifes family. We all get different tasks, to bring to the X-mas dinner table. My task is to get the cheese, beers and wines. This year I got X-mas beers from the local brewery; Två Feta Grisar. This years X-mas beer was namned Gyllenborstes Jul-IPA and then I also had some Wästkust IPA, Chill In, Optimus Primus Imperial Honey Stout. As wine I had some great wines; MALVIRÀ Langhe Nebbiolo and Rutherford Hill Cabernet Sauvignon as red and as white we had WEINRIEDER Grüner Veltliner.

As food it´s a lot, so I always try to eat slow and for a longer time, when I younger I always stressed and at quick. I start with Herring, and this year we had 5 different flavors and all homemade. The flavours was; Mustard, Crayfish, Potted, Black currant and Archipelago. Some extra 1/2 eggs with mayonnaise and shrimp, this year.

The salmon I skipped this year, wanted extra 1/2 eggs and christmas ham with mustard insted. Then I need to have lot of room for my favorite things and that is ribs ( with homemade marinade from my brother wife mom, Emy ) and then there is meatballs and also potato and mini sausages and Jansson frestelse. This somethings that I don´t eat, it´s onion, potato and anchovy. I don´t know, but it´s something with this mix that I don´t get to taste good in my mouth.

Then this year, it was something new as dessert. And I at 3 of them. It was Pannacotta on strawberry and topped with meringue and Juleskum. Juleskum is a classic X-mas cany in Sweden and it´s a 2 color santa with flavor of strawberry and it´s sells in a plastic bag and if you open it and take one, you can´t stop. It´s impossible to stop before the bag is empty. BIG, big thank you to Lotta and Benny that mades this wounderful dessert this year. Looking all ready forward to next year and dessert again.

Christmas 2018 is over and now it just a few days left of 2018 and New Year´s Eve is closing in on us all. I´m really looking forward to it and to start 2019.

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