New Year´s Eve 2018

Today it´s New Year´s Eve and time for a quick look back at 2018 and what have happen.

First; I never thought that I was going to start a blog, but I did and I did it for me. I´m lucky that I have the chance to travel around and see so many different cities, eat so good food and enjoy so very nice wines and meet so many new and different persons and get so many new friends where I travel.

For me the blog is so much more, it´s more like a diary/ memory book for me and for my family first of all. Sense I don´t have time to see my family so much during the years, so it´s a way for them to see what I´m doing when I traveling. Also, when I´m traveling I take a photos and then I have so many photos in my phone, and after couple of years it´s just a photo and I have forgot where it was, what kind of food and kind of wine and so on. Then it´s much easier to write things down and so I can go back and read and then remember again.

I´m very glad that so many other people read my blog and you can get tip where you should go and eat and drink and cities to fly to. And thank you all for your feedback, it makes it even more fun to continue with my blog.

During 2019 I will write more about the the city I´m visiting, give more tip on what to see/ visit in the cities, but it will continue to be focus on restaurants, food, wine, bars and hotel, and when I have the time also some tip on shopping. Like that as well.

I had some amazing food and wine experiences during 2018, and I´m very sure that 2019 will top them, sense I have some dinners and cities all ready booked, and also I will do some re-visits at some restaurants to taste the new menus.

I wish you everybody a very, very good day with friends, food and wines and also I will you a very, very Happy New Year!!

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