Last dinner 2018

New Years Eve and where to eat, I booked a table at SOMM Restaurant & Wine bar. I know that I will be pleased with the food and wine and it will be a great time.

Was a 6 course menu wine and started of with a glas of Champagne Jean DUMANGIN Blanc de Blancs Brut Reserve. Starts with some snacks; 1. Baked yellow beet, goat cheese cream, pickled yellow beet. 2. Tartlet, cauliflower cream, tartar on scallops. 3. Baked celeriac, celeriac cream with chervil, white truffle. Nice finger food to start with. Then my favorite dish for the night was without any question the Ravioli with lobster in it, carrot cream with orange, pickled carrot, baked carrot, lobster meat and sauce with lobster and orange. very, very nice dish. Then as meat dish it was Beef Wellington and duchesse potatoes. Then we had some more dishes, but I focus on my wine insted of the camera.

It was a very good final of my 2018 eating year, and I´m really looking forward to 2019 and what I will drink and eat this year and the cities I will visit and see and learn more about.

Thank you all for 2018!

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