Eataly – Stockholm

Back to Eatlay in Stockholm for a quick lunch, so even this time I had the pizza. Also a good way to found out if they keep the quality. I sat down at the bar at Pomodoro Rosso pizzeria, that is on the top floor.

With Pizza margarita I desided to drink Caiarossa Pergolaia from Toscana. The blend on this one is Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. If I look at the winelist at Eataly in Stockholm and what they have by the glass on reds, I have to say that this one if top 2. After lunch I went down to ground floor and sa down in the Caffé Vergnano 1882 bar and had a hot chocolate with mini cannoli. Sorry to say, but tit was the most expensive hot chocolate I have ever drank, also the smallest. Mini cannoli was ok, think they was to ”cheap” with the filling…, but overall I think Eataly Stockholm is a nice place to eat pizza and shop high quality italian products. Sense Eataly is a concept over the world, why don´t visit them if you have the time and are close by. I have visit a few now after all my traveling.

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