MALVIRÀ Winemaker dinner at SOMM

After a great night with my friend Mr Roberto Damonte and his two chefs from Villa Tiboldi, Luca and Luca, it was time to wake up and preper for the winemaker lunch. At this winemaker lunch, Roberto have brought some new wines that I haven´t tasted before and also some good old wine but with a older vintages and then the chefs Luca and Luca was here in Sweden to cook all the food. They have preppt a lot of food in Italy and brought is in cases on the flight to Sweden. I was really looking forward to this, almost the same feeling when I was small boy and waiting for Santa.

SOMM Restaurant & Winebar have above his restaurant a Studio where is popular to have more private events, so it was me and 10 sommeliers from top restaurants around Gothenburg was invited to this winemaker lunch. A very uniqe and special lunch that I was invited to.

We started with a aperitif Malvirà Langhe Sauvignon and some mingel, then we sat down and got served the first dish. Vitello Tonnato o Bagna Cauda 2.0 and this we got served Malvira Roero Arneis DOCG SS Trinita´ 2017 and Roero Arneis DOCG Renesio 2016. Then we got Uovo poché con verdure o fonduta and to this we got Langhe Bianco DOC TreUve 2012 and Roero Arneis DOCG Saglietto 2014.

Next course was Tajarin with fresh white truffle direct from Piemonte, and sense this was the last weekend you are allowed to pcik truffle they are at their peak when it comes to taste. Wines to this course was Barbera d´Alba DOC San Michele 2016 and Roero Riserva DOCG Mombeltramo 2013.

Then we got Guancia di fassona con soffice di patate with Langhe Rosso DOC San Guglielmo 2010 in magnum bottle and also Roero Riserva DOCG Trinita´ 2010 and also 2009 in magnum bottle. To finish of the lunch we got their own interpretation on panna cotta; Spuma di panna cotta e caramello salato and sweet wine Renesium.

I was blown away after this lunch, the food was WOW and really something that I will remember for the restof my life. Was without a question one of the best menus I have eaten in my life. I all ready known that the wines was going to be superb and it was even more fun to drink old vintages that I haven´t tasted before, but the food was something that I wasn´t prepared for. And this food is what they serve at Villa Tiboldi, so I have to say; go to Villa Tiboldi and stay there fore couples of days and eat, drink, swim and enjoy your life. Picture below is Villa Tiboldi with the swimmingpool and Malvirà´s wines around.

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