Br Olssons Elektriska – Karlstad

Valentine Day and I´m in Karlstad and enjoying my time with some great friends. We are here for a fair that starts on friday the 15th, so we desided to come one day early and have a great dinner together. One of my favorite restaurants in Karlstad is Br. Olssons Elektriska, so I had booked here for our dinner of four. Great food and wines ahead :-).

Starts of with deli plate and that was not long time at our table before it was finished…, this is something that I can eat so much of, there is no stop when I start with it. Then we order different some different dishes, but we desided that we could taste from each one of us. Glazed oxtail with chili, onion mayonnasie, avocado, tomato, picked onion and sour cream toped with coriander and potato crisp on roasted brioche. Maybe don´t look so nice, but it taste like heaven. Also Lamb roast beef with baked tomato, garlic, eggplant pure, onion, pepper, zucchini, goat chesse, green chili butter and lamb shade was brought to our table. Was very good, but not my favorite. Last dish was Fried char fillet lobster mayonnasie, roasted root vegetables, potatoes, celery cream and butter lobster broth. Also a wounderful dish and was enjoyed by all os us.

Was a superb night with my friends and time flow past very quick, but we did had time to visit one more place, but comes later. This is a place that we always visit when we are in Karlstad.

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