Barón – Karlstad

First day at the fair is finished and we are all happy, so now it´s time for some dinner with everybody. Today it´s time for the best spanish restaurant in Karlstad; Barón. So similar to a spanish restaurant as it can be in Sweden I think. Really looking forward to it.

I choose 4 different tapas, and they all looked very nice when I got them in front of me on the table. Steam Buns de Carne; Pulled porked, mayonnaise, mojo rojo, coriander, pickled red onion, lime. Wow, what a dish. Long time I had a dish like this at a place like this. Hamburguesa Barón; Smoked cheddar, bacon, mayonnaise, pickled red onion and sweet potato crisp. Really nice, just wanted to eat more and more. Sartén de Chile; Prime rib with chili, pico de gallo, Sour cream, cheddar cheese with tortilla chips. Same here, so very good and nice and really something that you must eat if you visit this restaurant. Gambas; wild gambas, chili, garlic, parsley, olive oil.

If you are in Karlstad and want to eat tapas, good food, high quality food?! Then you must visit Barón. If you can get a table…..

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