Guld Apan – Karlstad

When you are in Karlstad and staying over the night, there is a place that you must visit. If you like wines. Guld Apan is a great place if you want to taste so wines as possible. They sell by the bottle, by the glass, and also tasting glass/ tasting samples. Every time we are in Karlstad, we go here and order flights. We deside first if we want from a region, or country, or grape or what ever and then we order the tasting samples menu, it´s about 8cl wine/glass and we order between 4-5 glasses and we drink them blind and then we ask the sommelier which wines was in which glass.

It´s a really fun way to drink wines and learn more and fun amongs friends. They also change many wines on a very regular basis, which makes it even more fun to go here when we are in Karlstad.

The first flight was these nice wines; Combe Trousseau 2016Umberta IULIFrancesco Rinaldi & Figi Grignolino d´AstiWeingut Knoll. Maybe it´s strange to have a white wine amongs 3 reds, but very simple answer. I love that wine and just wanted a glass of white wine after the reds.

Next was these nice wines, and here we let the sommelier choose him self what we was going to drink. We just gave him a few ideas and then he found these for us; Trediberri Barolo 2011Francesco Cirelli Cerasuolo d´Abruzzo 2017Crianza 2015Sottimano Langhe Nebbiolo 2015Presqu´ile Pinot Noir 2014Bedrock North Coast Syrah.

Was not that easy to pick them, but we manage to pick grape, country and region on some of the wines. We are happy about that. 🙂

Was a great weekend in Karlstad and I can really recommend this town, in summer it´s even more nice town to visit and the food and wine scen have the last couple of years really taken big steps and I´m very happy to visit this town on a regular basis and enjoy good food and wines.

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