Logroño, Spain

In February I was invited to a wine event in Logroño in Rioja area, in Spain. This is big wine event, only for importers, and where almost all producers in Rioja sits with there wines at tables and we walk around and have 30 min. to sit down and talk and taste the wines. The whole event was great and the weather was warm and I met some very great new friends from Sweden and we had lovely time at both the event and at night with food and wines in great restaurants. On the pictures you can see the nice building where the event was held, and behind in the mountain you can see old military bunker where the had canons in the war and on the last picture, you see my new friends eating lunch outside in the sun infront on the building for the event.

First night we went out on town for some dinner and we ended up at Wine Fandango for some tapas and wine.

Our second night out we desided to test the Guide Michelin recommended Restaurant Tondeluna, to see what they had to offer. They offer a lot, quality of the food and also the wines. Here we have a great night together and enjoyed every moment.

Our third night, after have eaten so much food during the event, at the visits at some wineries and the nights, we desided to just to have a easy relaxing night and therefore we deisded to go back to Wine Fandango and order tapas by tapas to we where satisfy and tired and ready for bed. The next day was a early flight back home to Sweden.

This was a great trip on all levels; the event and have the chance to taste so many different Rioja wines, meet this new people that today have become very close friends and all the food and wines. I´m very happy and looking forward to next trip, wherever it takes me. All I know it´s going to be great food & wines and friends again.

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