Gothenburg, Sweden

Sense Gothenburg is my hometown, it´s easy to deside late in the evening that I want to go out and try some new restaurants or new food/ menu. I often get SMS that some restaurant have done some changes on their menus and they want me to come and taste. This night was like that. Clarion Post Hotel have two restaurants and NORDA is one of them and this night they had a staff tasting on their new menu and wanted to me to come. I desided to go, but on my way their I pass by my good friend Riccardo at Riccardo Cibo e Vino and have some small dished before the tasting at NORDA. I love this place, but I also love Italian food and cheese and chark, or mini pizza or other ”simple” dishes and eat many of them. This time I choose to have two.

Then I went down to Clarion Post Hotel and their restaurant NORDA, that is a concept restaurant by the famous chef Marcus Samuelsson, that today lives in New York.

Not the biggest dishes, but they had just changed the starters. Was a good day with good food and wines, so I don´t complain at all. 🙂

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