Almeria, Spain

Once a again, I got invited to a wine event in Spain and I jumped on this as well. My memories from the Rioja wine event, so I really looked forward to this event. Have heard sp much about Almeria as well, I hoped this was going to give me some great experiences.

March and very hot, the area is almost only on sand ( what it looks like ) and I got this explained to me. The event was the same as in Rioja, but the other way around. I was sitting still at my table and then the producers came to me and showed me what they had.

This fair was three days, two nights, and I arrived in the middle of the night and left very, very early back home so I really only got one night on town. Was very importent for me to find a really good restaurant when I had my chance to go out. I was lucky that I met an Italian guy that now lives in Manchester, UK, and could help me with the spanish. I let him choose place to eat at, and he desided that we was going to a bar that open year 1870. Yes, year 1870!! and it´s still owned by the same family. The bar is: Casa Puga

The place was packed with people, and we have not made any reservations. But my my new italian friend managed to talk to the waiter and we got a small table in a corner with low and small wooden pallets as chairs. The table was so small, so couldn´t even managed to have our plats and bottle of wines on the table at the same time. But still, we had so much fun all night at this place. I can´t do anything else then recommend it, but maybe not for the food…

We had been eating all day long at the event, so we was not that hungry and therefore we just ordered some picking plates with different local food. Maybe not my kind of food, besides the fried schrimps 🙂 ; the wines was great and even their own secret red house wine was really good.

Now back to the sand. Almeria is world famouse for their landscape and therefore it have been very popular for many, many years back to be the perfect place to prodcue western movies there. So they have even built up a western cities almost all over where they have areas that are to dry sand on to build regular houses. Even so long time back that Clint Eastwood´s famouse western movies have been produces here in Almeria. They even have a Mini Hollywood Western theme park here. We didn´t have s much time to go deep into the locations, but we had time to stop by the side of the road and take some pictures…little to far away from the cities that have been built.

If you are in the area and have some time over, or make time because this was really something special to visit. as well as Casa Puga from 1870.

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