Verona, Italy

For the last 10 years I have been going to Verona in Italy to visit the biggest wine event, VinItaly. Sense I love italian food and wine, this event is the best during the year. Taste so many different wines and to stay in my favorite city, Verona, is a trip I look forward to every year. I´m sucker for Romeo & Giulietta and sense this is the home town for this, I get even more happy when April comes. I always arrives on saturday, the event starts sunday, and I walk around the city and make stops a restaurants and enjoy good wine and some food. Not so many dishes per place, just a little thing to my glass/ glasses of wine.

One stop that must be done is at Signorvino, just outside the wall to Old Town to Verona. This is the place where every one who is some one within the wine industry. Always starts with a glass of white wine and few oysters. Other stop that I must do is at Ristorante Bottigliera Corsini. At this restaurant I found my favorite Champagne; Jean Dumangin Blanc de Blancs. I haven´t tasted any other Blanc de Blancs that gives me so much money for value.

For me, a new restaurant, I visit was Brest Ostricheria Champagneria for some seafood. Many of these restaurants don´t have any web-sites, therefore I don´t have anything to link to. I tried some different sparkling wines such as Champagne, Prosecco, Spumante and Franciacorta.

Always need some meet, and therefore I got a tip from a friend that I needed to try. I went to this place; Osteria dal Cavaliere. Interesting place, more interesting wines then the food.

Even is this meet tasted great, the other dishes was not that nice and was not so photo friendly ;-), but there is so many restaurants in Verona to visit so next year I´m looking forward try new ones.

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