Ciudad Real

Time for Fenavin, the biggest spanish wine fair every second year and for me the first time. I really looking forward to this. Almost all wine producers that are in spain are at this fair, so I´m going to taste a lot of good wines and meet new wouunderful friends and producers.

What I notice was that I with my good friend Lena, had to fly over Zürich and stay there for 4 hours, so that means that we will arrive around 01,00 in the night so no dinner in Ciudad Real. On the other hand, I have some exspectations on the airport in Zürich insted. Well, that got to be a dissapointment for both of us. Not that many interesting restaurants to eat at. But we found one that served wok, so woked chicken and red wine from Villa Antinori and that wine are really cheap.

We hade one night out on town that we really liked, both restaurant, food and atmosphere. That restaurant was Asador San Huberto. Old classic restaurant in Ciudad Real, according to the perople we talked to. Their specialty was spiced lamb.

Was a really nice small town and has many beautiful old buildnings left in central town. Short and quick trip, I hope that 2021 can give me better flights so I can have more time to see more of town but also visit more restaurants and bars and enjoy the local food more then this time.

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