Day in Gothenburg, Sweden

A day in Gothenburg, which is my home town, and today I desided to visit the new open Hugos Handel och Kök at Nääs Fabriker. It´s a shop for cheese, sauces, kitchen towels and other smaller things for the kitchen. They also have a cheese shop in central Gothenburg´s Saluhall and it´s called Hugo Ericson Ost. Old family company sense 1932 and they have deliver cheese to the people ever sense. But today I went to their shop at Nääs Fabriker and for try their pizza for lunch. Tomato, buffalo mozzarella and Bayonneham with balsamico.

Nice pizza

After that and shopped some things for me kitchen, I went back to town to meet up friends at Hotel Avalon Bar for some smaller dishes and drinks and relaxed time. It´s a smaller hotel in the centrum of Gothenburg and the rooms are idividually furnish rooms. On the roof they have a pool that goes outside and over the street down below.

We sat in the bar and just order small things like tartar and wok and so on. But when you in the bar, you must taste the drinks/ cocktail, because the bartenders are amongs the best in Gothenburg, if not the best. When I order, I just tell the bartender the name of the base spirit I want and kind of taste I want, then they get free hands to make what ever they want and 99,9% I´m very happy with what I get served to me. It´s really top notch plpace to bee at and something that everyone must visit when you in Gothenburg.

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