Magic Flamingo, Gothenburg – Sweden

Thursday and sun is high on the sky and summer is to start and more and more people is thinking of drinking rosé in the sun and eating lighter food and have a great summer. We meet up at Barabicu for a quick drink before we are having dinner at Magic Flamingo. New place and serves small dishes so you can eat many different and just add one more until you had enought.

It´s a large menu, but some dishes stands out and these are what we start with. Number 1 is Scallops ceviche with mango, avocado, pomegranate and coriander. Fresh and light, but still food so you feel that you get something in your stomach. Perfect summer dish I have to say. Then the dishes comes in on a regular basis; Steak tartare which is hand-cut top side from local farm – Dalsjöfors – with blackened pickled silverskin onion, roasted sunflower seeds, baked egg yolk, machego cheese and truffle mayo.

Continues with prawn taco – vannamei shrimp – with amarillo mayo, pickled red cabbage, pico de gallo, pineapple, roasted coconut, gem salad and coriander. Next up was Pulled brisket taco – brisket from Dalsjöfors – amarillo mayo, pickled red cabbage, pico de gallo, gem salad and coriander. To finish this great night with food and wine, it was time for dessert and my choice was Magic Flamingos churros with dulce de leche, nutella, vanilla ice cream and banana chips. This was a amazing dessert.

Some of the dishes we ordered more then once, including the churros :-). The only negative thing about this place is the wines. The winelist is something they really need to work on. We tasted some wines, but mostly we drank SANDER Riesling from Germany during the whole dinner…..

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