Steampunk Bar, Gothenburg, Sweden

Steampunk Bar in Gothenburg is the first and only bar with theme of Steampunk , and they have done a very, very great work to get this theme. I think is the only in Sweden, I haven´t seen anything like it in Sweden yet…, but I haven´t been in every city in Sweden and not visit every bar in the cities I have visit. Anyway, I´m very impressed of this one and they focs on drinks and beers. When it comes to drinks, their focus is on GIN. I think they have the second or third widest sortiment of gins in Sweden what I know. The other bars they compete against is Tapasbar La Uva and Paddy´s Vin & Ginbar.

I started with a Gin & Tonic ( of course ) and that as made with Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla. I´m not a big fan of Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla, I don´t think it have a nice sevilla orange taste. It´s to artificiell in the taste for me. Strong brand, but there is so many others less known brands that deliver much more taste of the real thing.

As starter I choose the Nautilus Tartar with salmon with asian touch. To be honest, the tomatoes have no place on this plate. As main course I choose The Hunters Lamb; Pink fried lamb fillet is served with thyme fried potatoes, red wine sauce, zuccini and cocktail tomatoes. The plating was not good looking, but the taste of the dish was great I have t say. Even here, I didn´t know what the tomatoes did on the plate. They love tomatoes here at Steampunk Bar. I finish with a dessert that was very nice. I love ice cream, whipped cream, straw-, rasp- and wild strawberries so a dessert with this combo can not go wrong for me. They have also add some white chocolate to this dessert, so I´m very happy with the final end of this dinner.

On the way home, I stoped by Avalon Hotel´s bar and had a quick small dish for the road 🙂 and a drink.

Salmon tartar with horseradish, chili, mayo and rice crisps, after that I had a classic Bloody Mary.

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