G.D. Vajra & Riccardo Cibo e Vino, Gothenburg, Sweden

Today I was invited to a winetasting with producer G.D. Vajra from Piemonte, Italy. This event took place at Hotel Bellora in Gothenburg. Piemonte is a region that produce really wounderfull wines and I have the last couple of years started to appreciate wines from this region, so I really looked forward to have a chance to taste a wide range of wines from G.D. Vajra. As classic for Italian, what is better to have to some great wines, then some cheese, olives and hams?!

The wines I tasted was there; Langhe Riesling as a white. Then the reds; Barbera d´Alba Superiore, JC Claré Langhe Nebbiolo and finaly Barolo Albe.

After this tasting I went to my friend and his trattoria, Riccardo Cibo e Vino and had some nice food and good wines. Started with home made pasta with salsiccia and parmigiano cheese. Great as always. Then I finish with some classic dessert as chocolate and vanilla home made gelato with chocolate sauce.

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