Sjöbaren Lorensberg, Gothenburg, Sweden

We have some fish restaurant in Gothenburg, and that we should have sense we are on the west coast and close the the sea. But some are better then others and soome are even worse. Sjöbaren has two restaurants in Gothenburg, and the one in Haga I have been at many times and like a lot. Therefore, it´s time to try the new one in Lorensberg. First, it´s completely different interior in Lorensberg and you don´t get the cozy feeling as you get in Haga. It´s white, sterile and uncomfortable chairs and so on. But I´m here to eat, so let´s eat. I start to order a Char tartar with yolk créme, pickled kohlrabi, dijon roasted crumbs, canola seeds, pomegranate and sage. Ehh, what to say about this dish? I don´t know, was a lot of ingrediens but still I didn´t got so much flavours in my mouth that I was waiting on.

Next dish was their main and something I was looking forward to. I didn´t it because when I read the menu and saw the ingrediens, I know that this was the dish på try. Let´s see if I get all ingrediens: Deep fried fish cakes with chimichurri, blackened salad, buttered tomato puree and dried green banana. The combo of ingrediens on this dish was really something different from what I have eaten before. If they had make this combo work, that could been a very interesting dish, but now they missed it. They did it on all levels.

I will continue to visit Sjöbaren, but in Haga.

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