Benne Pastabar, Gothenburg – Sweden

Time for lunch and where to go? I have heard so much about a new pastabar called BENNE. They make their own pasta and have started to be very popular. Lunch is their most popular time to visit, so I think it´s time for me to give them a try.

Small venue, and smacked with people and the time is after ”regular” lunch hours, but I make my order at the desk and sits down on a chair by the window. Nothing much to say about the interior, they have invest in the kitchen more then the interior of the restaurant. They have some beers in a fridge, and some low price wines. For me, this will be pasta and water and then back to work. The pasta is good and fresh, as well as the shrimps with the red onion. The bread to dry and nothing more then something they have bought at the closet supermarket, only to have some bread to serve with the pasta.

For lunch is great I have to say, next time I have to try them as a la carte and see the different on the dishes and service. Try it.

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