Padel Swedish Open in Båstad, Sweden

I´m a big padel fan and playing my self when I have the time, which is more then I have. But it´s so much fun to play padel. For the second year running, the WPT have come to Sweden and to the summer city; Båstad. Here in Båstad they arrange the Tennis WTA tourment every summer and every year it is voted as the best WTA tourment for this size, so it´s extreme fun that they have manage to get the Padel WPT to Båstad.

This wounderful city offers some great nightclubs such like Peppes Bodega and restaurants like SAND inside Hotel Skansen and some other very nice places. We stayed on night at a B&B, that was ok for the location, but the send night was a very nice hotel and that was Hotel Riviera Strand.

Hotel Skansen and their restaurant SAND is very close to the padel courses and therefore we had many meals at SAND and some of them stood out more then others, so here is some of them.

One of the lunches we had Shrimp sandwich. This is a very popular sandwich in Sweden and especially on the west coast, that is so close to the sea. Every restaurant and city have their own idea on how it should be made and I have tried many of them when I´m traveling around and this one was one of the top 5 I have had. Congrats to that.

The last night before going back to Sweden, we desided to add som extra glamour to our dinner, so we ordered their 3 course menu, and sorry but their starter was something that I didn´t want to take a picture on. But the main and dessert they really stepped up. As main course it was Tataki of veal with tomatoes and pecorino crème. That was really good. For dessert it was Ice cream with strawberry, vanilla and sable. Overall it´s a nice restaurant and I will eat there again and also with the view from the outdoors seating, you can´t say something bad 🙂 :-).

Looking forward to 2020 and next Padel WPT and new food and wines with my friends.

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