Gothenburg, Sweden

I really love food and just walk around in my hometown and drop in at a restaurant and sit down in the bar and eat something and then go to the next and do the same and then continue the same way until I´m satisfied and then just go home and relax.

The sun is up and I´m feeling good. Some morning padel and now I want something to eat so I go to town and my first stop is Hedlunds Havsbar. Haven´t tried their Hedlunds Fish and seafood soup with shrimps and trout roe, so that will be todays choice. To this I enjoy a WEINRIEDER Grüner Veltliner Klassisk 2016. Hedlunds Havsbar have become like my own living room drop in restaurant, happy about that I have to say. Next ”living room” for me is Hotel Avalon Bar & Restaurant and today I want to try their new burger. To the burger I deside to drink a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon from Avalon Winery. On my back home, I make a final drop in at good friend Riccardo and his Riccardo Cibo e Vino and eat a Pinsa Burrata and as wine, something that Riccardo choose for me.

As always they all delivered food to high quality that I expect from kitchens like these and how they want to be recognized.

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