Mojo, Örebro – Sweden

Lawekagruppen is one of the biggest, if not the biggest restaurant group in Örebro area and they have invested a lot of money in their new project Mojo. It´s a hotel, big restaurant and during the rummer they have a very big outdoor seating. I have been to some of the others units in their group, but this visit was my first to Mojo and I ave heard a lot about them. Very nice interior, very good food and other positive things. The only negative thing I have heard was about their winelist.

I´m a small dish eater, sense I love to try as much as possible from the menu. After have looked at the menu, I desided to start with Fresh burrata, then some white fish roe tacos and short ribs tacos.

When the plate comes in with the burrata, it looks great and I just wanted to slice up my burrata and see the fresh sauce flow out on my plate over the tomatoes. Nothing happens. See the picture half burrata and you see what I got to see when I sliced it. I got chocked, so I asked the waiter about it and she told me that is how it should be. After talked to some more people there, they told me that it´s a fresh frozen burrata. Fresh froxen burrata???? What´s that? I can only say that this was amongs the biggest disappointment I have experienced the last couple of years on a restaurant.

When it comes to the whote fish roe tacos and short ribs tacos, I can say that here they delivered very good food. These I wanted to order more of.

Then about the wines? Yes, the things I have heard about the poor winelist, yes. That was really true. Once a again a restaurant that have invest so much money on the interior and kitchen, but totaly forgets to put in any time and interest on the winelist, so here I can only say that I was equal disappointment on this as I was on the fresh frozen burrata.

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