CIRO, Jönköping – Sweden

Finaly in Jönköping to visit my good old friend and some other friends. Jönköping is a really nice town, I like it most in summer time. Sense I´m a big pizza fan och try pizza as often as I can, I have deside that we should meet up at the well spoken CIRO Ristorante & Bar. It talks a lot about this place, so I have to try it and see.

CIRO makes real Neapolitan pizza and the only one in Jönköping, what I know about. Sense i have soo good friends with me, I deside that we need to drink something extra, and lucky me this day because CIRO have some guest wines by the bottle so I choose Ceretto Barbaresco 2015 and as pizza I choose a classic Margherita.

The next day, I went back for lunch and to see if they could deliver same quality at lunch as they did at night. They did, but sorry to say that they only have this day white pizza and that is not my favorite kind of pizza.

Overall, CIRO delivers and it´s a place I will come back to and can recommend to others. Just hope they continue with guest wines, so they have something more interesting then they have on their regular winelist.

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