Trattoria La Sultana, Gothenburg – Sweden

Italian food have for so many years been very close to my heart and I love to eat Italian food and the more authentic they are, the better…most of the time. On a side street there is a place that I have heard much about, but never tried even it have been on my to-taste-list. The restaurant I´m talking about is called Trattoria La Sultana.

When it was time for a dejt, why don´t go a romantic italian restaurant and why don´t make this night the time to also try something new? So, why don´t make it two birds with one stone?! Said and done, I booked a table at Trattoria La Sultana. I really looked forward to this, not only for the food, but also for the dejt with this beautilful blond girl with eyes that melt my heart and my knees soft like pasta. Her smile just make me happy and in love.

Insted of order regular starters, we desided to order a pizza Margherita di bufala, but in kids size. Rumors on town said that this pizza is something to die for, therefore the perfect start on this wounderful dejt. I can´t remember which wine we drank, had my focus on something else. As main I order the pasta dish Pollo con Portabello with shredded chicken, chicken sauce, rigatoni, portabello mushroom, sage, parsley and Parmigiano-Reggiano. But I choose to order it without the portabello mushrooms, just got feeling that I didn´t want muchroom for this dish. Even for this dish, I can remember what wine we drank.

The pizza was perfect and didn´t take many seconds before that was finished. Also the pasta was great with perfect cooked pasta. This trattoria I will visit again for sure. Great night, great food and super great dejt. Dessert we desided to have at home….

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