Ma Cuisinie, Gothenburg – Sweden

Middle of the week and time to try the new french restaurant Ma Cuisine and see what they have to offer. Short of time, so I have only time two middle size dishes this time, but that is a perfect test for me. Then I can deside if I want to go back or not and test the rest of the menu.

Mushroom toast, between 3-4 different mushrooms and some peas ( that I don´t understand what they did on the plate, because they didn´t help the dish to taste better ), but I like the home made bread a lot. My favorite amongs these two was the beef tartar with parsley crème, fried shallots, olive oil and capers. As wine I choose a guest wine, white from burgundy.

Short of time, so not much more to say about it right now. It was good enough and aroused my taste buds enough to make me wanna come back.

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