Quorum Wine, Örebro – Sweden

What is Quorum Wine? Yes, that is something very unique wine and I went to restaurant A Mano in Örebro ( medium big city in the ”middle” of Sweden ) to drink vintage 2001 & 2003 with some great old friends that loves wines as much as I do. First, I want short just tell you a little about the restaurant; A Mano. This is one of the best italian restaurants I have been at in Sweden and they delivers food at such high level time after time, so I not say anything else then this is a restaurant that everybody should visit.

Back to Quorum Wine! What is that and how did this wines turn up on the market and where does the wine come from. Quorum Wine started with a group of five friends who represent five of Asti’s GREAT Barbera producers: Coppo, Prunotto, Braida, Vietti and Chiarlo, together with its leading grappa producer; Berta. These friends had a mutual desire to protect the natural resources in Piemonte and help preserve the local customs and culture of Asti. To create Quorum, each wine producer donated one hectare from their top producing single vineyard estates and they decided to only release Quorum in outstanding years when the quality was deemed to be truly exceptional. Quorum has been called “second to none” by Robert Parker and received international awards. Wine from Quorum is more than a wine – it is a true symbol of the entire Piemonte region and the best that Asti has to offer. When I heard that A Mano still had Quorum left in their wine celler, I needed to get there ASAP and drink it, before someone else beat me to it.

I don´t really know how I can sum up my impressions about these wines, so I simply say WOW!! If you have a chance to buy/ taste Quorum wines, do it!

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