Burrata pansi, tartar chili & Generacion 76, Gothenburg – Sweden

Tartar with chili not something that I have come across very often, not once to be honest. Not in that way that they have put fresh chili fruit in the tartar, and I can say that this combo made this tartar got very, very hot sting. Lucky me that I had some good white wine to drink to this. Where did I eat this tartar with chili? At Hedlunds Havsbar and it was little to much sting in this tartar for me, but if you like very, very hot/ spicy food, this one is the dish for you.

After this, I had to ”cool” down my palate a little so I went to Jespers and for some red wine next to a plate of cheese and hams. The wine from this plate was Bodegas Tempore´s Generaíon 76. A red wine from IGP Bajo Aragón that is made on the grape Tempranillo and oaked for 2 months in american oaks. It´s a wine that is both BIO and VEGAN.

After that I continue to the popular SASSI Café Enoteca for some more wine with cheese and ham plate. I´m a sucker for cheese and ham plates, can never have enough of this. This place is own by Primo Pellegrino and it´s a very nice italian enoteca with lots of love for the food and the wines that are served. You are always welcome here and you will always get good time. Even if you drop by your self, you will always find someone to talk to and share a bottle of wine with if you want.

Then I had got a message from my friend Riccardo that he had lanch a new dessert, so I desided to drop by and taste it. Before I desided to eat some Burrata pansi. Then it was tiime for the dessert and it was a Delizia al Limone and I got recommended to drink a grappa with it. My choice fell on Malvirà Grappa Arneis. Arneis is a local grape that almost only growns in the Arneis area in Piemonte, Italy. Sense Malvirà is located in Canale, the heart of Arneis, they produce a lot fo different styles of arneis products, such as still wines, oaked, steel tank, sparkling wine, dessert wine and also grappa. Malvirà want best possible quality on their grappas ( many wiineries don´t care so much about it´s grappa ) so they send the grapes to the world famous grappa producer; Marolo.

Time flow and suddenly the time was close to 02,00, so time to go home and get som sleep so the whole sunday didn´t past by.

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