La Cucina, Lund – Sweden

As you all know, I love pizza and when I hear about good pizza I try to get there as soon as I can to try. My friend had been at a place in Lund, just outside Malmö in south of Sweden, and told me that this pizza was great. The place is La Cucina Lund. When I had been in Malmö for work, I drove by this place on my home and lucky me they have a seat for me.

To be as fair as possible I try to order the same pizza at every place, then that Margherita is a very good pizza is a big plus for me of course. Yes, this pizza was good and I liked it a lot and was amongs one f the better I have had. To sad that the wine, Ripasso, was very light body, warm and missing the typical Ripasso flavours.

But, if you are in the south of Sweden I propose that you make your way to La Cucina in Lund and have a great pizza.

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