Bodega OTAZU & Bodegas Tempore, Gothenburg

Thursday and invited to one smaller wine event at Jespers. Wines from Bodega OTAZU, Navarra and Bodegas Tempore, Aragon will be up for tasting and everything by the glass. Not the most famous regions in Sweden, therefore extra interesting for me to taste.

Quick stop at Hotel Avalon for laste lunch and wanted somthing that really fills me up, before wines, therefore I choose a classic burger with fries and dip. Burger is burger and this time was the same, what stood out this time was the well done burger, even after I asked for a medium rare. Did had the energy to say something, I just wanted to eat and go to the wine event.

Bodegas Tempore with the range Generación and then the entry level red and white from Bodega OTAZU.

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