Epoque, Gothenburg

Epoque is a very nice restaurants, close to the big ice-hockey area, in a good neighborhood. Is a small restaurant but very high quality on the food and wines, and they change the menu pretty often which I like.

I desided to start with a classic started here in Sweden, Toast, and today I desided to have half portions, so I could trid more different dishes.

Classic Öjeby toast crayfish with swedish Västerbotten cheese mayonnaise, dill, cumin and roe.

As wine I choose Champagne from Jean Dumangin and theirs Blanc de Blancs.

Next dish I choose the fish; Fish catch from ”LL91” in Lysekil with crown dill sauce mixed with browned butter, elderflower vineager, dill, grilled cucumber, potato, chopped almonds, fried chanterelles and bush cress. Lots of ingredients, but all well mixd together and matched each other in a perfect way. Very nice dish. As final dish this night I choose duck; Epoque´s grilled duck breast with baked cabbage, maple syrup, glazed white beans, gremolata, fermented garlic, cress, silver onion and breadcrumbs fried in duck fat with herbs. Even here a lots of ingredients, but all matched super well together and matched each other superb.

They have some more interesting dishes on the menu, so I will soon be back and taste them. If you are in Gothenburg, I can really recommend you to visit this place.

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