BRUK, Gothenburg

My first time for me to test the new cocktailbar BRUK. Two bartenders that have worked at on of the most cocktailbar in Gothenburg before, desided to open up their own cocktailbar, and I´m very happy that one of them I have known for many, many years. Therefore I know that the cocktails will be superb standard, what make me even more happy is that they have hired a friend of mine that is a very good chef, so I also know that they food will be perfect. Now it was time to take the test and see how they deliver 🙂

When I arrives is direct at opening, so it´s only 4 people there and that gives me time to ssay hello to all them and make some small talk and take a grand tour around the place. I choose to sit in the bar, like to be close to the people so I can talk with them while I´m enjoying my drinks/ food/ wines and so on. I start of with their twist on Paloma. Insted of tequila, they use Mezcal and then they have Rhubarb, soda, licorice with lime. Not to smokey mezcal, but still more nice then tequila.

As starter I desided to go with Padrones. They had written Gruyère on the menu, but I was thinking more as a side to the Padrones. No, so wrong of me. Insted the chef had desided to melt the Gruyère and drip it all ovee the Padrones. And it was amazing I have to say. I think that next time I will have one classic Padrones and one BRUK Padrones. My chef friend delivers from start. Wine to Padrones I was recommended to have Grüner Veltliner from Ingrid Groiss, Austria and region Niederösterreich.

As next dishes I deside to choose chips and Tartar. I like that it´s smaller dishes, then I can sit and enjoy many different ones and have a long sitting and just relax.

Home made potato dill chips with a bowl of roe, sour cream and red onion. The red onion and sour cream is under the roe, so I need to ”dig” down into the bowl with the dill chip so I get the all the nice flavours in my mouth. A dish I haven´t seen in Sweden before and I really liked this plating a lot. Wine to this amazing dish I choose Riesling from Even & Odd, Rheingau in Germany. Final dish is tartar; Tartar on inner thighs with pickles, sourdough crust and crown dill. They even have some crown dill in the mayonnaise. For me the first time I have pickles on a tartar, but it worked very well and I liked it a lot. To this is was time for red wine, the choice was a Barbera d´Asti from Mauro Sebaste, Piemonte in Italy. Worked well together.

To sum up this; BRUK is going to work very well and I can only say positive things about the place. I will visit them many times forward and looking forward to when they change the menu and have less/ or none mushrooms 🙂 Thanks for this time, looking forward to next time.

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