El Duderino & Yonder, Jönköping

Thursday and time for a visit to Jönköping, Sweden, for a quick visit and test the new open restaurant/ bar/ cocktailbar Yonder!. Of course I will also start with a visit to my favorite cocktailbar El Duderino. So first thing first, start with a very nice sausage.

Merguezkorv – Grilled Sourdough Bread, Tomato Salsa, Pickled Silver Onion & Parmesan. Simple dish, but full of taste and something that is always right time for when you want a snack to you red wine in the beginning of the evening. After that we went to Yonder and before food we played flipper and of the 4 they have, I have to say that Star Wars is the funniest and my favorite without any querstions. First we started with croquettes, one on Jerusalem artichoke and the second one was on ( total forgot it… it´s not on the menu…:-) ).

Then it was time for the starter and main course, before it´s for the big final.

Normal is the Foamed lobster bisque – Cod loin, Salmon, Shrimp, Mussels, Rainbow rum, Fennel crudité & Dried Cabbage – a main dish but we desided take 1/2, so we could have more dishes during the night. Between the starter and main dish, I took in small plate with Padrones. Then it was time for the main dish; Butter-baked veal fillet – Stew On White Beans, Kidney Beans & Tomato Fillets, Emulsion On Roasted Hazelnuts, Smoked Shallots, Fried Veal & Gremolata Spiced Red Wine Sauce. Amazing start on this dinner at Yonder.

To the mail dish we desided to drink a amazing wine; Querciabella Camartina 2015. A SuperToscan wine from the iconic producer Querciabella. 70% Cabernet Sauvignon & 30% Sangiovese. It´s a amazing wine in all the ways that you want a wine to be. After the main dish was it time for a cheese platter, and cheese is something that is always room for :-). My friend choose the cheeses, but all was good. One was new for me, the one in the middle with fruit on it. That as is lays in grappa for 2 weeks in the end, before it´s time for selling it. Great cheese.

After all this food and wine, was it time for flipper again. As a last surprised, the head chef comes out and invite us for a night quiz. Super fun, even if I didn´t won it, but who care when I had a great evening/ night as I had.

Quick tips for places in Jönköping; El Duderono, Yonder, el gordo, 38grader, Glädje.

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