COCO Orangerie

It´s was time to test the ”new” restaurant at Linnégatan in Gothenburg. Former coffeeshop that have now become a small cozy restaurant with open kitchen nice interior and a nice outdoor glassed area. Coco Orangerie is the name of the place. The idea when, when I was here, was to offer small dishes, so you can sit long and relax to enjoy dish are dish in your paste. I hope they will continue with that, but I have heard that are going to change to classic menu; starter – main – dessert. We will see what they deside.

I ordered only two dishes and dessert, I have some problem with my back so I can´t sit still to long and with the Covid-19, it´s not allowed to be standing in restaurants in Sweden at this time and ran back an forward to WC line to fake my visit there and go back to table is to much work 🙂

My first dish was Halibut – Blue mussel sauce with Broccoli, Trout room and Hazelnuts. Think it looks nice on the plate and the flavours was nice and balanced in my mouth. Good dish and start. To this I enjoyed a Riesling from Mosel. Next dish was Fried duck breast – Roasted lace bowl with Duck gravy and Grilled lemon mayonnaise. The duck was prefect and tasted wonderfull. As you since before, I´m not that big fan of vegetables and so, but it worked well with the duck, but I focused on the duck :-). For this one I had a Pinot Noir from Bourgogne, not so nice wine so the next time I will choose soemthing else. Of course I ordered dessert and I got really happy when I saw they had Crème Brûlée. Dessert for me was Crème Brûlée with Cloudberry sorbet and as extra a click of Brown butter ice cream. Haven´t tasted so many brown butter ice cream before, so it´s was interesting and it´s a possibility that I will order it again. For dessert I went with Black Stallion Oaked Chardonnay.

Quick visit and dinner on town, so I come outside a little with my back problems, next time I will take more time and enjoy more dishes. It´s a place that I will visit again and I recommend you to do the same.

STUK, Jönköping

The day after Querciabella winemakers dinner and time for lunch. Just around the corner where I slept, there is a restaurant/ winebar/ bakery/ coffeeshop in one. I haven´t tried before, so today was the day to try STUK. Great chefs that owns it, and they have really got a good vibe going on here I have to say. The lunch was crowded and according to my friend, it´s so every day. I just ordered a pizza; Three Cheeses – Gorgonzola, buffalo mozzarella & parmesan.

Not that big pizza, but much topping so I got full and happy and that is what all is about the day after a super great dinner night and many super wines and not so many hours of sleep. I will come back and eat at STUK again.

All pictures got lost

I haven´t done so much blogging the last 6 months, and when I wanted to start up now again I moved webhotel and all my pictures from previous posts got lost. Some I have on a back up driver and some don´t, and if I have time I will post the pictures again step by step.

Few days in Stockholm, Sweden

Time for some days in Stockholm with my old friend Per. I´m actually going to work with him at Stockholm Beer & Whiskey and sell his cheese. He have desided that we are going to stay at Hotel J at Nacka Strand, and that is a great choice. Location is relaxing, fresh air and still close to town if we want to go there after the fair.

Before I meet up Per, I have done work to do in Stockholm town and therefore I need som lunch and time to visit Giro Pizzeria again. Here they serve authentic neapolitan pizza.

I order the classic, Margherita and as wine I choose one of my favorite producers from Toscana; Querciabella Mongrana. It´s an Maremma region wine with a blend of Sangiovese 50%, Cabernet Sauvignon 25% and Merlot 25%. It´s also 100% VEGAN and 100% Biodynamic. For dinner we went to Restaurant J, that is a part of Hotel J which they are a part of the Nobis Hospitality Group. At dinner I started with shrimp with mayonnaise, served with butterfried toast and bleak roe. Then for main course I had Swedish sirioin with veal gravy, onion butter, baked tomato, cabbage, parmesan cheese and french fries. As wine I choose Querciabella Chianti Classico 2014. Real classic Chianti Classico ith 100% Sangiovese and as well 100% VEGAN and 100% Biodynamic. 12 months in fine to extra fine-grained French oak barriques (225 l) and tonneau (500 l), of which 10% new.

Next day, some lunch before the fair opens and work and Restaurang J is on the way to the fair, we deside to have lunch there as well. I order Game beef patties with ligonberries, green-pepper sauce and potato puré with Swedish cheese. Once again as wine I choose Querciabella Chianti Classico 2014. During the fair we got some samples on some oysters and shrimp mix and to that Champagne Castelnau Réserve.

Day on town, Gothenburg – Sweden

Thursday and got feeling for a nice afternoon, that maybe can go into a late night. That what happen when I sat and had lunch at new Swedish Taste in the basement of NK shopping mall. Swedish Taste is a restaurant that have very high reputation when it comes to high quality on their food, so when they open up a new part of Swedish Taste in the basement of NK, I looked forward to try it and see if they could continue to keep the level. I ordered catch of the day, and that was not so fun fish dish. The wine selection was very poor. My grade of this Swedish Taste, I have to say under avarage.

At Jespers tonight there was going to be an Malvirà event, some of the range all by the glass to nice prices just for this event. Jespers in on the way home from NK, therefore it would be perfect to drop in for some great wines. Tonights wines was Barbera d´Alba San Michele 2016, Langhe Nebbiolo 2016 and Langhe Rosso San Guglielmo 2014 as reds. For the withe it was Langhe Bianco Sauvignon 2016. Good turn up and met new friends. But after a while, I got hungry again and therefore I ordered a small cheese, olive and ham platter with some chips and breads on the side together with dip. Worked very well with the wines.

When I was finished here, I did quick stop at Hotel Avalon Bar for one drink. Like always it tasted great. Then was time to go home, but I wanted to make one more stop before, and that stop was as my good friend Riccardo for some wine, bread, cheese and conversation with Riccardo. To my small platter, I drank a good wine; ELLENA Barbera d´Alba 2015. After this, my night was finish and back home to bed.

Bianchi Café & Cycles, Stockholm – Sweden

In Stockholm there is a café that have got the same name as the famous bicycles; Bianchi. What they have done is to combined a ristorante, café and cycle shop in one, 3 in 1. I like this concept, something new and different in Sweden anyway and maybe there is a point behind it? After have eaten a big dinner and enjoyed good wines, you look at the cycles and buy one so you can train the next day and loose all the extra you at the day before 🙂 🙂 The place is called Bianchi Café & Cycles and is just behind the big and famous shopping mall NK.

Grilled schnitzel of veal ( without breadcrumbs ) with capers, tomatoes, arugula, parmesan potatoes. I added fries as well, when you eat is better to eat :-). Wine was a Chianti Classico with 10 months in oak.

To sum up this late lunch/ early dinner at Bianchi Café & Cycles, I have to say that I need to go back and try more from their menu before I can say to much. So far they delivered what I expected for the price on the food and interoir says; simple and easy.

Paolo´s, Örebro – Sweden

Back from Spain and new pizza test. Once again my friend have gave me a tip on a pizza, but this time in the city Örebro, almost in the middle of Sweden. Have been many times in Örebro, but haven´t really though so much about this place, even if I have passed it many times. My friend loves pizza as much as I do, so if he says it´s good, then it´s the only thing to do and that is to test it. Paolo´s is the place and it´s a part of the hotel chain; Elite Hotels.

Tricolore is the name of this pizza. It Tomato, mozzarella, parma ham, parmesan, fresh tomato and arugula. The pizza was very good and all the ingrediens felt very fresh and that I like. For me it was little to much of arugula, and I tink the fresh half tomatoes is little to much I think. But they told me that this was theirs best selling pizza, so the people like the extra fresh tomatoes. Next time I will try the margherita.

Bodegas Lezaun, Navarra – Spain

While I was in Pamplona, Spain, I got invited to visit the winery Bodegas Lezaun. It´s a very small winery, but always interesting to meet the people behind a winery, distillery and so on and learn more. I think that I can never learn to much when it comes to food and beverages. And I really want to know as much as I can.

After the tour in the winery, they invited me to their restaurant for a small dinner before I went back to my hotel.

Tomato soup with shrimp and then we finished with some kind tvist on banana split; vanilla ice cream with banana and chocolate sauce.

Café Iruña, Pamplona – Spain

I booked a trip to Pamplona, Spain, for visit a winery but I had some time to visit a iconic Café while I was there as well. Café Iruña have been at the same place sense 1888 and it´s famous for theirs kebab and also for all famous people that have been there throgh the year. We are talking about presidents, poets, kings, movie stars and so many more.

It´s so much to write about Café Iruña, so I don´t know where to start. It´s maybe better that you click on the link and read about your self. Just around the corner from this café it´s the bull run in Pamplona…