Stockholm for couple of days – 2018

My trip in Stockholm continue for couple of more days and we desided to walk around and try different restaurants, get so much as possible out of it when we only have a few days on us.

We tried the new opened Eataly. Eataly is both a shop with only Italian products and also different restaurants inside. This Eatlay is on two floors, so upstairs you the pasta and pizza restaurants and on ground floor your the more fine dining area. I have visit few other Eataly around europe, but this in Stockholm is very nice. The worst one I have visit is the one in Copenhagen. Is located on the underground floor in the shopping house Magasine du Nord. When you are ”in” Italy, of course I need to eat the pizza. It was good, all the dishes was good.

When your in Stockholm, something that everybody should do is to eat the oysters at Sturehof. Of course we did that, and I drank a very nice glass of Picpoul de Pinet to that. Love that grape. Acorss the street from Sturehof, there is East, they have a outdoor seating all year, and their asian ciusine. I don´t know if it still so, but I know that in the past is was the famous Max Martin that own East.

We went to the very popular restaurang Strandvägen 1, always much  people there from lunch to closing. This that was a big winetasting event on wine from the iconic TERLATO Wines and after the winetasting, we had dinner here as well with wines from the winetasting.

We also tried the very popular Berns asian, nice to compare with East, and had lunch. Berns also have a hotel that is very nice, so I have booked Berns Hotel for my visit in Stockholm. Haven´t stayed that my self yet, but friends are very happy with it. Had also time to try Nybrogatan 38 restaurant for some Taco with roe, dill and pickled onion and for main I have classic swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes.

It was a few intensive days in Stockholm and many restaurants that was tested, but over all it was good couple of days and soon I´m back in Stockholm again and then other restaurants will be tested. Looking forward to it. Thank you.

Saturday evening, Gothenburg – 2018

Once again I have been at one more winetasting with some great wines during late lunch. After that tasting I was little bit hungry, but I needed to go up very early on sunday and therefore I didn´t want this night to be to late and to much. Sense SOMM Restaurant & Wine Bar is on the way home, I desided to take a quick dinner there.

My friend Pontus was with me and we desided to order the 3 course menu, but I switched the Pork belly to Lemon sole and then we could taste from each other plates. I went with winemenu and Pontus went with beers. After dinner I ordered a very nice glass of wine of VIETTI Barolo Castiglione and then a cup of tea. Pontus ordered a Gin & Tonic on Bombay Sapphire Gin & Polara Tonica. Then we out on town, it become a great night and not so early as I planed and therefore I desided to sleep in on sunday morning.

Avalon Bar, Gothenburg – 2018

Sense I´m not only love to eat and drink wines, I have a big love for high quality cocktails as well. Cocktail bars is something that we have many in Gothenburg and the bartenders is really inetrested to learn more and therefore they travel to Copenhagen, London, Stockholm, Berlin and so on to visit other cocktail bars. One of my favorite bar in Gothenburg is the bar at Hotel Avalon. Great location in the middle of centrum, where all the shopping is and easy for everybody to get to with the big local traffic stop just outisde.

Friday and I knew that one of the best bartenders was working, therefore I desided to visit him for some friday cocktails. When I order my cocktails, I like to see the bartenders work and come up with new drinks, want them to be on their toes. Therefore I only say what kind of flavour I want my drink to taste and then they can do what ever they want to get there. If I say I want my drink to taste strawberry, they go with gin, tequila, vodka, bourbon or what ever base of spirits they think is best for this cocktail. But I don´t want then to use to much of flavours liqueurs with lots of suger, additives and shit. Like some of the big brand liqueurs has, I want them to use fresh pressed strawberries and this like that.

This friday was a good one, sense they had a lot of fruit in the bar so they could make very nice drinks this day. Therefore my short visit, became a long visit.

PS. The crazy man behind the drink is the great bartender that makes all my drinks.

El Duderino, Jönköping – 2018

Thursday and just arrived to Jönköping for a Spanish dinner by El Duderino. El Duderino have been voted to Swedens Best Spirits Bar 2017. It should be voted that every year. The sortiment they have on the shelfs is something that no other bar have in Sweden. Here you have quality, quality and more quality spirits or high end spirits that some would call it.

Now they have started to have theme dinners and this thursday it´s Spain. Everything is from wine to vermouth to rum to food is from Spain. Even the restaurant don´t have the biggest kitchen, sense they focus on spirits, they are full booked and that is about 46 chairs.

Welcome snacks with cava, follows a 4 course menu with beverage served to it.

First we have some cheese with red wine, 6 months Manchego, Jamon Cebo Iberico and Longaniza. To this I was served La Madre Vermouth & La Madre Rosé Vermouth.

While we are waiting for next course and beverage, Gazpacho and Valdespino El Candado Pedro Ximenez, we got served a Arehucas Guanche ron miel.

Then it´s time for the star of the night, Iberico. Iberico Pluma, fried onion, Mojo Rojo and potatos with some extra salt. To this I get served a great wine; Pico Cuadro Wild from Ribero del Duero.

Now it´s time for the final, Cremé Catalana and Arehucas Anejo Reserva Especial 18yo.

It was a great night with friends and food and drinks and quiz and all that you wish for a regular thursday. Thank you all!

If you are in Jönköping, you must visit El Duderino and enjoy some really good spirits.

Restaurang Adler, Gothenburg – 2018

Sunday and a day to relax and enjoy some good food and beverage. This sunday I was going to met a friend for a soft dinner and bottle of white wine. No plans, just to meet up in the city and take it from that. Our choice became restaurang Adler. Adler is about one year old restaurang in the part of Gothenburg called Vasastan.

Insted of traditional starter, main and dessert, we desided to have a few starters and one dessert and some nice wine to that.

I had langoustine on roasted corn*chili*garlic & roasted corn emulsion, then a tartar, after that one backed mushrooms and something like a dill ice cream and as dessert I had Blackberries with fried bread pudding and blackberry sorbet and creme anglaise that is flavored with hay.

Then we had some wines as well. Well, I started with a Dry Martini on Hernö Gin from Sweden with some olives. After that, we had some wines.

Silex Blanc Fume de Pouilly 2012 to start with, then Bergström Old Stones Oregon Chardonnay, to follow up with OVUM Toro y Scorpio Riesling and then we finish with Kistler Sonoma Coast.

Sunday became funday with great food and very good wines. Thank you!

Marcus, London – 2018

Second day in London and time for the 2 star Michelin Guide restaurant MARCUS at The Berkeley Hotel.

Love to visit new restaurants, to see what they have to offer and how they will plate the food, what concept they working with, their philosophy and all. Every restaurant is so different even if they have same numbers of stars, or BIB, or just around the corner from your house and in the same block. That´s why it´s never gets dull to eat out.

When I arrive at The Berkeley Hotel, I don´t see any signs of MARCUS. But then I see something that looks like an nice restaurant inside the hotel. In through the doors and to the right and get stoped at the entrance at a small restaurant. But that was not MARCUS, they show me through the smaller restaurant and into a very wide room with big tables and white tablecloths. The table could easy handle 6 person, and each table have classic leather chairs and couches. They have pleaced the guests all over the restaurant, even it´s not so many guests at this time.

Start with order a Dry Martini on Sipsmith Gin and olives, no vermouth, and look at the menu.

I deside to go with the 8 course menu and the prestige selection wine. They have a huge winelist, but I like to go with the winepairing when I go with tasting menu.

The service starts and dish after dish is placed on the table. The service is great, many of the staff is coming from France ( that I have notice at other restaurants as well ) and they have little extra love for french wines. French wines are good, it´s nothing wrong with that. The food is well balanced in the flavours and the plating is a good as I can ask for and time flys away quick.

The milk chocolate nougat dessert was tought, the nougat was really nougat and so much flavours and was great. You need to like/ love nougat to cope to eat it all. Perfect dessert wine to it. I was more then happy with this visit and I understand why they have 2 stars with Michelin Guide.

Copenhagen one sunday in April – 2018

Touch down in Copenhagen again, this time to me up my good friend Chuck. I´m lucky that he lives in London now, insted of US so we can meet up more often. He had work in Copenhagen on monday, so we met up on sunday for day in the sun och enjoy food and wines.

We started of with some lunch at Restaurant GEIST, a White Guide recommended restaurant and a chef that is very well known. They working with the concept of ordering many small dishes and sit long time and eat, plus they have good bartenders that makes great cocktails. The location is just at Kongens Nytorv. The interior at Geist is very simple, but still cozy. More focus on the food and cocktails then the interior. Sense we had booked a big dinner later that night, I desided for 2 dishes and some wine, just so I have food to last until dinner.

First time for me to eat here, just been here before to drink cocktails, and I have to say that they deliver both good flavours and nice plating. Waiter was very kind and helpfull with me to find a great wine for each dish. I will return and test more of the menu.

After tested some bars for little more drinks, dinner was coming up for us. Sense we both like a good steak, Chuck had booked at MASH ( the one close to Kongens Nytorv ), and I have been at MASH before and have not been so impressed by them. But these times have been for lunch, and this time is dinner time. To make it easy for us, we ordered a Portersteak on 1,3kg and some sides to that.

This time I have to say, they deliver on the meat. The Portersteak was really good and we both liked it a lot. But the sides once again did not impressed me, like the other times I have been here. I have everytime been at the same MASH, just so I can compare it fair. Now I think it will take a while before I go to a MASH again.

This sunday was great and we had a great time and the time flow away and the time became 02,30pm very quick so back to the hotel for some sleep.

Portobello Road Gin No 171, London – 2018

New morning and new day and after breakfast, we went to Notting Hill. I had booked a visit to Portobello Road Gin and their The Ginstitue for a guide of tour. Therefore we desided to spent the whole day in Notting Hill, see the street sales, street food and the classic blue door from the movie – Notthing Hill.

We desided to take the tub, so we could start at the beginning of the street and walk and see it all. After a short time we could start to see the Portobello Road Gin building ( they have bought the whole block, so it´s a hotel, restaurant, the Ginstitute ) and it´s a big sign and you can´t miss it.

The Ginstitute starts with a 1 hour in the basement and guide talks about the history of Gin and he does that in a very interesting way and we all are really enjoying our selfs. During the history ”lesson” we get 3 different gin drinks to enjoy. I´m not a big fan of sitting still and listen, but this hour flow by very quick and I wanted to learn/ know more. That good was the ”teacher”.

Then we have a break for 15 min, if you needed to do something. After the break we all was split up into 2 groups ( 10 person / group ) and we was seated down in a room with a lot of different herbs, both dry and distilled.

The idea with this room is that we all now was going to produce our own gin. You have a base withh 7 different hebs in the gin and then we have the time to smell and taste the dried herbs & fruits that was on the table and also the ones that was distilled. We listen again to the ”teacher” when he explained how we should think when we produce our own gin. We all started to smell, taste, smell, taste and mix and smell and taste and after 1 hour we all had deside with ingrediens we wanted in our gins and the ”teacher” listen and then he desided how big part / ingrediens it should be in the bottle and then they mixed it.

My on gins ingrediens

And after the the gin was mixed with the ingrediens that I have choosen I got my own label and with a number on it, so now I can and everybody else go to this web-site and write in the number and order my gin when ever I want.

My gin; Citrus Edition

Marc Fosh, Palma de Mallorca – 2017

Summer and holiday, so desided to visit Palma de Mallorca. The island that every swedish person travels to when they get the chance. After have looking around for good restaurants, we desided to visit the 1 star Michelin restaurant Marc Fosh.

Taxi arrived to a dark side street and a glass door welcomes us and into the entrance and down to the bar. Little bit early and therefore pre-dinner cocktail. Worked a lot with premium spirits, that make me very happy and I looked forward to taste it. I was not disappointed, and I was also suprised that the bartender choose a more fun glass to serve the drink in.

5 course menu, the biggest they had this night, was choosen and the food started to come in and harmonic way. I don´t really know what I was expected on this dinner, more then high quality food and good wines and nice plating. I arrived as a happy person and I left as a happy person, no less and no more. If you are on Palma de Mallorca, you should visit Marc Fosh.

The interior was very light, lots of glas in the roof so the sun can shine in. We had to sit outside and it was little to cold later on and that was a little minus. They didn´t wanted to close the windows/ glass doors, because other didn´t want to.