All pictures got lost

I haven´t done so much blogging the last 6 months, and when I wanted to start up now again I moved webhotel and all my pictures from previous posts got lost. Some I have on a back up driver and some don´t, and if I have time I will post the pictures again step by step.

Gleneagles and more, Scotland

Last day in September, and I sat my self on a flight to Scotland and the iconic place Gleneagles Hotel. I had been invited to Showcasing Scotland 2019 – A land of food and drink, so for 4 days I was going to spend at Gleneagles Hotel and their surroundings and meet producers, taste food and beverages but also visiting some prodcuers. As a golfer and have the opportunity to stay at this iconic hotel is something WOW..

After have been checked-in and left bags and signed up for the event, I went to the bar to enjoy a Gin & Tonic. The sortiment of gins in The Century Bar was wide and many gins that I have tasted before. This time it was Stirling Gin with Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water. Finish that before it was time for welcome dinner for all guests and that we had in the restaurant The Birnam Brasserie. Starter was Crab on Sourdough Toast, as main we got served Roast Cod with mash potato, watercress, gremolata and salsa verde. For dessert we had to choose between Tiramisu and Crème Brûlée, I choose the later.

Early morning and time for guided tours and visit to producers, and at St. Andrews Brewing Co we did one stop, but insted of doing at the brewery, we stoped by one of theirs pubs in the city insted. Here we had a tasting and also some food while we tasted the beers. The pub we went stoped at was the one in Dundee Caird Hall.

After few days of fair and meeting producers and tasted their products, it was time for the last night with the gang. As final party all producers displayed all of their products and we could walk around all over and taste what ever we wanted and how much we wanted as well. Food and beverages everywhere and what I liked the most was to eat the seafood and especially the scallops that the chef did a la minute, more like a la second :-).

When I tld him I wanted one, he put it in the frying pan, and then just added some salt and butter. Once I had one scallops with a glass of Porter´s Gin Old Tom. A crazy few days in Scotland, Gleneagles, and I didn´t knwo that Scotland had so much to offer when it comes to beverages and food, especially seafood. With all new friends I got in Scotland, makes it much more easy to book a new flight back to Scotland, that I will for sure.

I will write more about Gleneagles and the hotel and the surroundings, and add pictures soon.

Few days in Stockholm, Sweden

Time for some days in Stockholm with my old friend Per. I´m actually going to work with him at Stockholm Beer & Whiskey and sell his cheese. He have desided that we are going to stay at Hotel J at Nacka Strand, and that is a great choice. Location is relaxing, fresh air and still close to town if we want to go there after the fair.

Before I meet up Per, I have done work to do in Stockholm town and therefore I need som lunch and time to visit Giro Pizzeria again. Here they serve authentic neapolitan pizza.

I order the classic, Margherita and as wine I choose one of my favorite producers from Toscana; Querciabella Mongrana. It´s an Maremma region wine with a blend of Sangiovese 50%, Cabernet Sauvignon 25% and Merlot 25%. It´s also 100% VEGAN and 100% Biodynamic. For dinner we went to Restaurant J, that is a part of Hotel J which they are a part of the Nobis Hospitality Group. At dinner I started with shrimp with mayonnaise, served with butterfried toast and bleak roe. Then for main course I had Swedish sirioin with veal gravy, onion butter, baked tomato, cabbage, parmesan cheese and french fries. As wine I choose Querciabella Chianti Classico 2014. Real classic Chianti Classico ith 100% Sangiovese and as well 100% VEGAN and 100% Biodynamic. 12 months in fine to extra fine-grained French oak barriques (225 l) and tonneau (500 l), of which 10% new.

Next day, some lunch before the fair opens and work and Restaurang J is on the way to the fair, we deside to have lunch there as well. I order Game beef patties with ligonberries, green-pepper sauce and potato puré with Swedish cheese. Once again as wine I choose Querciabella Chianti Classico 2014. During the fair we got some samples on some oysters and shrimp mix and to that Champagne Castelnau Réserve.

Day on town, Gothenburg – Sweden

Thursday and got feeling for a nice afternoon, that maybe can go into a late night. That what happen when I sat and had lunch at new Swedish Taste in the basement of NK shopping mall. Swedish Taste is a restaurant that have very high reputation when it comes to high quality on their food, so when they open up a new part of Swedish Taste in the basement of NK, I looked forward to try it and see if they could continue to keep the level. I ordered catch of the day, and that was not so fun fish dish. The wine selection was very poor. My grade of this Swedish Taste, I have to say under avarage.

At Jespers tonight there was going to be an Malvirà event, some of the range all by the glass to nice prices just for this event. Jespers in on the way home from NK, therefore it would be perfect to drop in for some great wines. Tonights wines was Barbera d´Alba San Michele 2016, Langhe Nebbiolo 2016 and Langhe Rosso San Guglielmo 2014 as reds. For the withe it was Langhe Bianco Sauvignon 2016. Good turn up and met new friends. But after a while, I got hungry again and therefore I ordered a small cheese, olive and ham platter with some chips and breads on the side together with dip. Worked very well with the wines.

When I was finished here, I did quick stop at Hotel Avalon Bar for one drink. Like always it tasted great. Then was time to go home, but I wanted to make one more stop before, and that stop was as my good friend Riccardo for some wine, bread, cheese and conversation with Riccardo. To my small platter, I drank a good wine; ELLENA Barbera d´Alba 2015. After this, my night was finish and back home to bed.

Bianchi Café & Cycles, Stockholm – Sweden

In Stockholm there is a café that have got the same name as the famous bicycles; Bianchi. What they have done is to combined a ristorante, café and cycle shop in one, 3 in 1. I like this concept, something new and different in Sweden anyway and maybe there is a point behind it? After have eaten a big dinner and enjoyed good wines, you look at the cycles and buy one so you can train the next day and loose all the extra you at the day before 🙂 🙂 The place is called Bianchi Café & Cycles and is just behind the big and famous shopping mall NK.

Grilled schnitzel of veal ( without breadcrumbs ) with capers, tomatoes, arugula, parmesan potatoes. I added fries as well, when you eat is better to eat :-). Wine was a Chianti Classico with 10 months in oak.

To sum up this late lunch/ early dinner at Bianchi Café & Cycles, I have to say that I need to go back and try more from their menu before I can say to much. So far they delivered what I expected for the price on the food and interoir says; simple and easy.

Café Iruña, Pamplona – Spain

I booked a trip to Pamplona, Spain, for visit a winery but I had some time to visit a iconic Café while I was there as well. Café Iruña have been at the same place sense 1888 and it´s famous for theirs kebab and also for all famous people that have been there throgh the year. We are talking about presidents, poets, kings, movie stars and so many more.

It´s so much to write about Café Iruña, so I don´t know where to start. It´s maybe better that you click on the link and read about your self. Just around the corner from this café it´s the bull run in Pamplona…

Copenhagen, Denmark

August is soon over and soon will the dark months come and make a little bit boring so sitt outside and enjoy good food and wines. Therefore I desided to make a quick visit to one of my favorite get away town for 2 days and one night and enjoy some good food and wines. The town I´m talking about is Copenhagen, capital of Denmark and one of the best towns in the world when it comes to restaurants and food, according to all studies that is made.

This time I arrived by train to Copenhagen Central Sation, and the sun was really shining at it´s best. The train takes about 3 hours from Gothenburg, so I as little hungry when I arrived, so my first mission was to find food and lucky me that Tivoli is just across the street from Copenhagen Central Station. Tivoli have open up Tivoli Food Hall and I haven´t tried that one before, so that will be perfect for a quick pre-lunch before check-in at my hotel.

Choose sushi for this pre-lunch and the Letz Sushi Tivoli. Nothing special, just a 8 pieces classic sushi plate and a glass of Grüner Veltliner from Gruber Röschitz sense that was the only one by the glass. Finish and had to my hotel, and this week was a really hard time for me to find a room and I need to stay in the centrum so I can walk around the many restaurants and winebars and enjoy the food and wine whitout take a taxi back to my hotel when I finish for the night. I find a room at WakeUp Copenhagen, this hotel chain is a part of ARP HANSEN HOTEL GROUP which I normal stay at when I´m in Copenhagen. When I stay at WakeUp hotel, I don´t my points at ARP HANSEN HOTEL GROUP which I think is a very big negative.

After check-in was it time for my real lunch and that I had at one of my favorite trattorias/winebars; Trattoria FIAT. This italian place is great, every time I´m in Copenhagen I have at least one glass of wine here. Simple pasta ragu and some glass of PRIA Barbera d´Alba. Wall to wall there is GEIST where famous headchef Bo Bech work, so whats better to stop by here for a glass of wine and look at all the people that walks/ runs to somewhere to be and the beautiful Hotel d´Angleterre. All this is located around Kongens Nytorv. After this glass I went down to the docks and took a seat on Naervaer Strangade for glass of wines. For my first time I drank a glass of Ultimate Provence Côtes de Provence Rosé 2018.

Time to hotel and change before dinner with my french friend. On the way back I visit one of my other favorite winebar in Copenhagen; Nebbiolo Winebar. Now I´m back on white wine and one of my favorite producers from Alto Adige/ Trentino is J. Hofstätter and Nebbiolo have some of theirs wines by the glass and this time I went with Gewürztraminer. Lovely wine and as always they give you small plate of olives, hams and cheeses.

Time for dinner at Fishmarket with my friend and we both like fish and seafood, so Fishmarket will be perfect. Theirs seafood platter is great, but this time we went with their dishes of the day. That was Hake with mushrooms as starter and grillet Mullet as main. Have to say that this was not good. Dry, very little taste and very small portions.

I can write so much about Copenhagen, and I will do that later and give tips on my favorite places to visit and maybe that can help you when you visit Copenhagen.

Jespers, Gothenburg – Sweden

The sun shines and after a hard working week, I deside to take a afternoon off from work and have a relaxing afternoon. Jespers have a great outdoor seating, where the sun is from the morning to the late night. The wounderful staff welcomes me and I get a table in the sun and I get served a glass of Champagne Jean Dumangin Brut Réserve Blanc de Blancs Terroir with their super tasty white fish roe cones. The afternoon continues with more Jean Dumangin and the next tasty plate will be their cheese, bread, olives, ham and marmalade on tomato and vanilla. To this I deside to drink a still white wine from Germany; Schwedhelm Riesling Trocken.

After little snacks, champagne and white wine, it´s time for dinner. They have test lanuched a beef on Swedish meat and during summer they have onion rings, red cabbage and so on. For me it´s enought with beef and onion rings :-). As wine I choose Malvirà Barbera d´Alba San Michele and it maatched perfect. After numbers of hours at Jespers, it´s time to cross the street again and visit Avalon Bar and enjoy a cocktail before it´s time to go home. This time I wanted something fruity and fresh and summer feeling with my cocktail, but I still wanted to have Strega as base in the cocktail. The bartender made this lovely cocktail for me.

A very nice and relaxed afternoon with great food, wines and cocktail, so I went home very happy and pleased.

Day in Gothenburg, Sweden

A day in Gothenburg, which is my home town, and today I desided to visit the new open Hugos Handel och Kök at Nääs Fabriker. It´s a shop for cheese, sauces, kitchen towels and other smaller things for the kitchen. They also have a cheese shop in central Gothenburg´s Saluhall and it´s called Hugo Ericson Ost. Old family company sense 1932 and they have deliver cheese to the people ever sense. But today I went to their shop at Nääs Fabriker and for try their pizza for lunch. Tomato, buffalo mozzarella and Bayonneham with balsamico.

Nice pizza

After that and shopped some things for me kitchen, I went back to town to meet up friends at Hotel Avalon Bar for some smaller dishes and drinks and relaxed time. It´s a smaller hotel in the centrum of Gothenburg and the rooms are idividually furnish rooms. On the roof they have a pool that goes outside and over the street down below.

We sat in the bar and just order small things like tartar and wok and so on. But when you in the bar, you must taste the drinks/ cocktail, because the bartenders are amongs the best in Gothenburg, if not the best. When I order, I just tell the bartender the name of the base spirit I want and kind of taste I want, then they get free hands to make what ever they want and 99,9% I´m very happy with what I get served to me. It´s really top notch plpace to bee at and something that everyone must visit when you in Gothenburg.

Verona, Italy

For the last 10 years I have been going to Verona in Italy to visit the biggest wine event, VinItaly. Sense I love italian food and wine, this event is the best during the year. Taste so many different wines and to stay in my favorite city, Verona, is a trip I look forward to every year. I´m sucker for Romeo & Giulietta and sense this is the home town for this, I get even more happy when April comes. I always arrives on saturday, the event starts sunday, and I walk around the city and make stops a restaurants and enjoy good wine and some food. Not so many dishes per place, just a little thing to my glass/ glasses of wine.

One stop that must be done is at Signorvino, just outside the wall to Old Town to Verona. This is the place where every one who is some one within the wine industry. Always starts with a glass of white wine and few oysters. Other stop that I must do is at Ristorante Bottigliera Corsini. At this restaurant I found my favorite Champagne; Jean Dumangin Blanc de Blancs. I haven´t tasted any other Blanc de Blancs that gives me so much money for value.

For me, a new restaurant, I visit was Brest Ostricheria Champagneria for some seafood. Many of these restaurants don´t have any web-sites, therefore I don´t have anything to link to. I tried some different sparkling wines such as Champagne, Prosecco, Spumante and Franciacorta.

Always need some meet, and therefore I got a tip from a friend that I needed to try. I went to this place; Osteria dal Cavaliere. Interesting place, more interesting wines then the food.

Even is this meet tasted great, the other dishes was not that nice and was not so photo friendly ;-), but there is so many restaurants in Verona to visit so next year I´m looking forward try new ones.