All pictures got lost

I haven´t done so much blogging the last 6 months, and when I wanted to start up now again I moved webhotel and all my pictures from previous posts got lost. Some I have on a back up driver and some don´t, and if I have time I will post the pictures again step by step.

Gleneagles and more, Scotland

Last day in September, and I sat my self on a flight to Scotland and the iconic place Gleneagles Hotel. I had been invited to Showcasing Scotland 2019 – A land of food and drink, so for 4 days I was going to spend at Gleneagles Hotel and their surroundings and meet producers, taste food and beverages but also visiting some prodcuers. As a golfer and have the opportunity to stay at this iconic hotel is something WOW..

After have been checked-in and left bags and signed up for the event, I went to the bar to enjoy a Gin & Tonic. The sortiment of gins in The Century Bar was wide and many gins that I have tasted before. This time it was Stirling Gin with Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water. Finish that before it was time for welcome dinner for all guests and that we had in the restaurant The Birnam Brasserie. Starter was Crab on Sourdough Toast, as main we got served Roast Cod with mash potato, watercress, gremolata and salsa verde. For dessert we had to choose between Tiramisu and Crème Brûlée, I choose the later.

Early morning and time for guided tours and visit to producers, and at St. Andrews Brewing Co we did one stop, but insted of doing at the brewery, we stoped by one of theirs pubs in the city insted. Here we had a tasting and also some food while we tasted the beers. The pub we went stoped at was the one in Dundee Caird Hall.

After few days of fair and meeting producers and tasted their products, it was time for the last night with the gang. As final party all producers displayed all of their products and we could walk around all over and taste what ever we wanted and how much we wanted as well. Food and beverages everywhere and what I liked the most was to eat the seafood and especially the scallops that the chef did a la minute, more like a la second :-).

When I tld him I wanted one, he put it in the frying pan, and then just added some salt and butter. Once I had one scallops with a glass of Porter´s Gin Old Tom. A crazy few days in Scotland, Gleneagles, and I didn´t knwo that Scotland had so much to offer when it comes to beverages and food, especially seafood. With all new friends I got in Scotland, makes it much more easy to book a new flight back to Scotland, that I will for sure.

I will write more about Gleneagles and the hotel and the surroundings, and add pictures soon.

Bianchi Café & Cycles, Stockholm – Sweden

In Stockholm there is a café that have got the same name as the famous bicycles; Bianchi. What they have done is to combined a ristorante, café and cycle shop in one, 3 in 1. I like this concept, something new and different in Sweden anyway and maybe there is a point behind it? After have eaten a big dinner and enjoyed good wines, you look at the cycles and buy one so you can train the next day and loose all the extra you at the day before 🙂 🙂 The place is called Bianchi Café & Cycles and is just behind the big and famous shopping mall NK.

Grilled schnitzel of veal ( without breadcrumbs ) with capers, tomatoes, arugula, parmesan potatoes. I added fries as well, when you eat is better to eat :-). Wine was a Chianti Classico with 10 months in oak.

To sum up this late lunch/ early dinner at Bianchi Café & Cycles, I have to say that I need to go back and try more from their menu before I can say to much. So far they delivered what I expected for the price on the food and interoir says; simple and easy.

Padel Swedish Open in Båstad, Sweden

I´m a big padel fan and playing my self when I have the time, which is more then I have. But it´s so much fun to play padel. For the second year running, the WPT have come to Sweden and to the summer city; Båstad. Here in Båstad they arrange the Tennis WTA tourment every summer and every year it is voted as the best WTA tourment for this size, so it´s extreme fun that they have manage to get the Padel WPT to Båstad.

This wounderful city offers some great nightclubs such like Peppes Bodega and restaurants like SAND inside Hotel Skansen and some other very nice places. We stayed on night at a B&B, that was ok for the location, but the send night was a very nice hotel and that was Hotel Riviera Strand.

Hotel Skansen and their restaurant SAND is very close to the padel courses and therefore we had many meals at SAND and some of them stood out more then others, so here is some of them.

One of the lunches we had Shrimp sandwich. This is a very popular sandwich in Sweden and especially on the west coast, that is so close to the sea. Every restaurant and city have their own idea on how it should be made and I have tried many of them when I´m traveling around and this one was one of the top 5 I have had. Congrats to that.

The last night before going back to Sweden, we desided to add som extra glamour to our dinner, so we ordered their 3 course menu, and sorry but their starter was something that I didn´t want to take a picture on. But the main and dessert they really stepped up. As main course it was Tataki of veal with tomatoes and pecorino crème. That was really good. For dessert it was Ice cream with strawberry, vanilla and sable. Overall it´s a nice restaurant and I will eat there again and also with the view from the outdoors seating, you can´t say something bad 🙂 :-).

Looking forward to 2020 and next Padel WPT and new food and wines with my friends.

New Year´s Eve 2018

Today it´s New Year´s Eve and time for a quick look back at 2018 and what have happen.

First; I never thought that I was going to start a blog, but I did and I did it for me. I´m lucky that I have the chance to travel around and see so many different cities, eat so good food and enjoy so very nice wines and meet so many new and different persons and get so many new friends where I travel.

For me the blog is so much more, it´s more like a diary/ memory book for me and for my family first of all. Sense I don´t have time to see my family so much during the years, so it´s a way for them to see what I´m doing when I traveling. Also, when I´m traveling I take a photos and then I have so many photos in my phone, and after couple of years it´s just a photo and I have forgot where it was, what kind of food and kind of wine and so on. Then it´s much easier to write things down and so I can go back and read and then remember again.

I´m very glad that so many other people read my blog and you can get tip where you should go and eat and drink and cities to fly to. And thank you all for your feedback, it makes it even more fun to continue with my blog.

During 2019 I will write more about the the city I´m visiting, give more tip on what to see/ visit in the cities, but it will continue to be focus on restaurants, food, wine, bars and hotel, and when I have the time also some tip on shopping. Like that as well.

I had some amazing food and wine experiences during 2018, and I´m very sure that 2019 will top them, sense I have some dinners and cities all ready booked, and also I will do some re-visits at some restaurants to taste the new menus.

I wish you everybody a very, very good day with friends, food and wines and also I will you a very, very Happy New Year!!

Off to Italy – this time Verona

Time to visit Italy again, it´s really my favorite country to visit, and this time I´m going to my favorite town; Verona. Is it possible not to love Verona? Verona have it all and I love everything about it. History, food, wine, atmosphere and everything. This time I was invited by Camera di Commercio di Verona to visit Verona and meet wineries and taste their wines and eat good food. What´s not to like about that? They had booked me at Hotel Giberti in central Verona. First time I stayed at this hotel, but I have to say that it was super. Room was big, bed was big, WC was big, so even here nothing to like.

First night for dinner, we went to Ristorante MAFFEI at Piazza Erbe for a dinner. Have been here before for dinner, but this time I got a guided tour in the basements to see the old historic left overs from buildings that was from the Romans times. Everytime I come to Verona, I always gets to see soomething new and everytime I get more and more in love with Verona.

After a day of winetastings, it was time for dinner again and tonight it was time for Antica TORRETTA more close to the river at the end of old town. Also a place I have been at before for dinner with my friends from LIVON winery.

The came in regular pace and of course the risotto was made with Amarone wine here in Amarone land. In my eyes it´s not looking so nice, but it taste very nice. Also, everywhere I went in the restaurant, it was wine everywhere I looked.

Last night I first got an guided tour from a professional guide, and that my first time I did that and I have to say that 1,5 hour was very interesting and I learn a lot more about Verona. That is something that I really recommend to do. After the guided tour I went to Ristorante Greppia for dinner.

3 very classic dishes in Italy and Verona region. Cured and cheese to start with and then pasta with ragu and finish with Tagliata. It´s so easy to eat to much when I´m in Italy, so this time I tried to eat little bit less.

Then there is one place that everyone must visit if you are in Verona. If you visit this place, you haven´t been in Verona, even you say you been there. The place I´m talking about is; Antica BOTTEGA del Vini. One time I had the pleasure to be guided down in their winecellar and see all the wines, a value about 3,2 million euro. Sense the wine by glass, cost almost nothing I desided to have my own private little winetasting in the bar. 3 white and 3 reds.

Perfect 3 nights in my favorite town and a perfect finish for my 2018 years abroad trips. Verona, Romeo & Julia, Valpolicella, Food is about love and I´m all about love so this is a perfect match for me.

Båstad, Sweden – 2018

A very big interest for me and something I´m very active with is Padel tennis. Have only played for 3 years, but after my first test game, I was hooked in a big way. These days I can play 3-4 times / week, and about 2 hours / time. It´s great!

Padel have a World Padel Tour, but that is played in Spain, and on this WPT is all the big players and now the tennis meca in Sweden, Båstad, have got a 5 year contract with WPT and this year was the first time WPT came to Båstad. Me and some friends went to Båstad to meet some of the players ( my friend is the importer of NOX padel rackets, and NOX is a big sponsor to players on WPT ).

Between the games we desided to go for some lunch. We went to Peppes, the famous place in Båstad and where all the parties are during the big tennis week. Just wanted some quick pizza before we went back to the VIP lounge to watch more games. This is the first time ever that I don´t finish my pizza. The size of this pizza was huge, felt like 50cm in diameter. Both I and my friend left almost half of the pizza, and we told the 3 guys that sat down next to us that for them was enough with 2 pizzas, and even they had to leave slices. Huge pizza.

Don´t seems like it on the pictures, but when you sat infront of it…., it was huge.