Querciabella Winemakers dinner, Riccardo

Once again time for Querciabella Winemakers dinner, this time at Riccardo Cibo e Vino in Gothenburg. Querciabella from Toscana ( Chianti and Maremma ) is one of the best producer that I have tasted from Toscana. Year after year they deliver wine at the highest level and the reviews from the whole wine journalists say the same thing. Very happy to be at one more winmakers dinner with this producer.

The range of wines this time is Mongrana 2017 ( in magnum bottle ), Chianti Classico 2017, Chianti Classico Riserva 2016, Turpino 2015 and Camartina 2015. This is the core range from Querciabella, it´s a really super range. Then we have the menu, made by the top team of chefs at Riccardo Cibo e Vino, so I know this is going to be a wounderful night.

We start of with Finocchiona e Lardo – salami with fennel and lard with herbs together with Chianti Classico. After that was it time for Crostone Toscano – bruschetta with chicken lever cream and salsiccia with goat cheese together with Mongrana. Soft and perfect start on this five course winermakers dinner.

Cavatelli al Ragu´ D´Anatra – Fresh pasta with duck ragout with Chianti Classico Riserva. Then it was time for Cinghiale in Salmi´ – Local wild boar marinated and cooked in Chianti wine with herbs and spices with bread and to this we drank Turpino SuperToscan. Even the dishes looks like they are small, they really saturated us very much. Italian food sometimes don´t look much, but it have so much flavours and gives you value for money. When it´s done right!

Final dish was cheese; Pecorino in Vinaccia – Pecorino cheese aged in Sangiovese Pomace and we ended this wonderful dinner with Camartina SuperToscan.

For the second this in one week, I had the pleasure to enjoy two Querciabella winermakers dinner at two different cities and restaurants, both gave me to much joy and happiness. Looking forward to next time Querciabella is in Sweden.

Querciabella Winemakers dinner, El Duderino

Time for winemakers dinner with my favorite producer from Toscany; Querciabella. The first winesmakers dinners of two. Next week in Gothenburg. This night will be at Swedens best cocktailbar – El Duderino in Jönköping. Even if they are well known for their cocktails, they have started to focus more and more also on high quality wines and therefore it´s even more fun that they have desided to ”lanuch” this with a winemakers dinner with the high quality wine producer as Querciabella. It´s going to be a amazing night, I know it.

The menu is looking very nice and I´m looking forward to enjoy this dinner. Dinner starts with Amuse – Lightly marinated lamb crusted with mayonnaise on fermented black pepper and fried rosemary & cress. What a start I have to say, super nice bite that was so soft in my mouth. As wine we was served Chianti Classico Riserva 2016. As start that promisse for a super dinner. The starter of the nigh is Tuna tartar – Roasted hazelnuts, lightly smoked catfish roe, red wine boiled onions & avocado cream. Tasted as good as the picture shows. We drank Mongrana Maremma 2017 to this dish. The dinner was moving on perfect, really enjoyed every second of it.

Main course of the night was Sirloin from Dalsjöfors – with funnel chanterelle crème, red wine sauce on fermented garlic, grilled gemsalad with parmesan & grated summer truffle. It was like a symphony in the mouth and when I added the wine, then it was like a dream. The wine was Turpino SuperToscan 2015. So much food and wine so far, really happy days. Before dessert they desided to have a quiz, and to the quiz we drank Chianti Classico 2017. Fun quiz, but not my better quiz…., finllay time for dessert, as a dessertlover I really looking forward to it. Chocolate cake – with stirred black currants, salted caramel ice cream, mascarpone cream with orange, cardamom crumbs & mint powder. I can only say WOW and smile. So many ingrediens, but still so well mixed together. Super! As wine we drank Camartina SuperToscan 2015. Now the dinner was finsh, we thought – but no, they came and served us a small tasting sample of Palafreno SuperToscan 2015, to tease our taste buds. Super, super is the words I can explain this dinner.

Couple of us desided to stay after the dinner was finish, because they had super many wines from Querciabella on old vintages to super prices the rest of the night. We desided to buy one bottle of Camartina SuperToscan 1999 and one bottle of Palafreno SuperToscan 2000. Camartina is 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Sangiovese meanwhile Palafreno is 100% Merlot. Both is superwines, but for me I have to say that Camartina make me more happy in my mouth. Nothing is wrong with Palafreno, just a personal feeling.

This night/ dinner was a super, super evening and WOW on all levels, but I´m not surprised – El Duderino always deliver magic when i visit them, that is the level they are at every day!

All pictures got lost

I haven´t done so much blogging the last 6 months, and when I wanted to start up now again I moved webhotel and all my pictures from previous posts got lost. Some I have on a back up driver and some don´t, and if I have time I will post the pictures again step by step.

Day on town, Gothenburg – Sweden

Thursday and got feeling for a nice afternoon, that maybe can go into a late night. That what happen when I sat and had lunch at new Swedish Taste in the basement of NK shopping mall. Swedish Taste is a restaurant that have very high reputation when it comes to high quality on their food, so when they open up a new part of Swedish Taste in the basement of NK, I looked forward to try it and see if they could continue to keep the level. I ordered catch of the day, and that was not so fun fish dish. The wine selection was very poor. My grade of this Swedish Taste, I have to say under avarage.

At Jespers tonight there was going to be an Malvirà event, some of the range all by the glass to nice prices just for this event. Jespers in on the way home from NK, therefore it would be perfect to drop in for some great wines. Tonights wines was Barbera d´Alba San Michele 2016, Langhe Nebbiolo 2016 and Langhe Rosso San Guglielmo 2014 as reds. For the withe it was Langhe Bianco Sauvignon 2016. Good turn up and met new friends. But after a while, I got hungry again and therefore I ordered a small cheese, olive and ham platter with some chips and breads on the side together with dip. Worked very well with the wines.

When I was finished here, I did quick stop at Hotel Avalon Bar for one drink. Like always it tasted great. Then was time to go home, but I wanted to make one more stop before, and that stop was as my good friend Riccardo for some wine, bread, cheese and conversation with Riccardo. To my small platter, I drank a good wine; ELLENA Barbera d´Alba 2015. After this, my night was finish and back home to bed.

Ciudad Real

Time for Fenavin, the biggest spanish wine fair every second year and for me the first time. I really looking forward to this. Almost all wine producers that are in spain are at this fair, so I´m going to taste a lot of good wines and meet new wouunderful friends and producers.

What I notice was that I with my good friend Lena, had to fly over Zürich and stay there for 4 hours, so that means that we will arrive around 01,00 in the night so no dinner in Ciudad Real. On the other hand, I have some exspectations on the airport in Zürich insted. Well, that got to be a dissapointment for both of us. Not that many interesting restaurants to eat at. But we found one that served wok, so woked chicken and red wine from Villa Antinori and that wine are really cheap.

We hade one night out on town that we really liked, both restaurant, food and atmosphere. That restaurant was Asador San Huberto. Old classic restaurant in Ciudad Real, according to the perople we talked to. Their specialty was spiced lamb.

Was a really nice small town and has many beautiful old buildnings left in central town. Short and quick trip, I hope that 2021 can give me better flights so I can have more time to see more of town but also visit more restaurants and bars and enjoy the local food more then this time.

Villa Baiana, Italy

I had the honor to be invited to producer La Montina of Franciacorta wines, to their Villa Baiana for a winemaker dinner and after party. After a tour around the winery including the celler and some small starters in the winery, we got escorted to Villa Baiana for dinner.

The most remembered dishes during this dinner was the Risotto with Zola Dolce cream and red turnip chips and we drank La Montina Franciacorta Satén to this.

Second dish was Fillet of suckling pig stuffed with porcini sauce and polenta concia, with this this we drank La Montina Franciacorta Quor 2910. This is there super premium Franciacorta.

MALVIRÀ Winemaker dinner at SOMM

After a great night with my friend Mr Roberto Damonte and his two chefs from Villa Tiboldi, Luca and Luca, it was time to wake up and preper for the winemaker lunch. At this winemaker lunch, Roberto have brought some new wines that I haven´t tasted before and also some good old wine but with a older vintages and then the chefs Luca and Luca was here in Sweden to cook all the food. They have preppt a lot of food in Italy and brought is in cases on the flight to Sweden. I was really looking forward to this, almost the same feeling when I was small boy and waiting for Santa.

SOMM Restaurant & Winebar have above his restaurant a Studio where is popular to have more private events, so it was me and 10 sommeliers from top restaurants around Gothenburg was invited to this winemaker lunch. A very uniqe and special lunch that I was invited to.

We started with a aperitif Malvirà Langhe Sauvignon and some mingel, then we sat down and got served the first dish. Vitello Tonnato o Bagna Cauda 2.0 and this we got served Malvira Roero Arneis DOCG SS Trinita´ 2017 and Roero Arneis DOCG Renesio 2016. Then we got Uovo poché con verdure o fonduta and to this we got Langhe Bianco DOC TreUve 2012 and Roero Arneis DOCG Saglietto 2014.

Next course was Tajarin with fresh white truffle direct from Piemonte, and sense this was the last weekend you are allowed to pcik truffle they are at their peak when it comes to taste. Wines to this course was Barbera d´Alba DOC San Michele 2016 and Roero Riserva DOCG Mombeltramo 2013.

Then we got Guancia di fassona con soffice di patate with Langhe Rosso DOC San Guglielmo 2010 in magnum bottle and also Roero Riserva DOCG Trinita´ 2010 and also 2009 in magnum bottle. To finish of the lunch we got their own interpretation on panna cotta; Spuma di panna cotta e caramello salato and sweet wine Renesium.

I was blown away after this lunch, the food was WOW and really something that I will remember for the restof my life. Was without a question one of the best menus I have eaten in my life. I all ready known that the wines was going to be superb and it was even more fun to drink old vintages that I haven´t tasted before, but the food was something that I wasn´t prepared for. And this food is what they serve at Villa Tiboldi, so I have to say; go to Villa Tiboldi and stay there fore couples of days and eat, drink, swim and enjoy your life. Picture below is Villa Tiboldi with the swimmingpool and Malvirà´s wines around.

Ristorante BELLORA – Gothenburg

Once again my friend Mr Roberto Damonte from winery MALVIRÀ had arrived to Gothenburg to have 2 winemaker dinners and 1 winemaker lunch with only special invited sommeliers plus me. But we started of on monday night with a light lunch and some good wines at the hotel he stayed at; Hotel Bellora. This time Mr Roberto had with him 2 chefs from his agriturismo in Piemonte; Villa Tiboldi.

We sat down in Ristorante Bellora and started with order some wines, and sense Mr Roberto is guest, I wanted him to deside the wines for this night. As white wine he desided for MALVIRÀ Roero Arneis Trinita` 2012 on magnum bottle. For red wine he ordered his friends wine: ISOLE e OLENA Cepparello 2012 on a regular 75cl bottle.

We wasn´t that hungry, so we ordered small dishes and some pizza slices and put all the plates on the table and shared everything. Some of the dishes; Crudo di Pesce and then Carne Cruda and also Burrata Vegetariana. Forgot to take pictures on the pizza and dessert that was Sorbeto d Gelato.

Was a great night with wounderful company and also the food was good and the wines was very nice and we closed BELLORA this night. But the big thing with Mr Robertos visits was the thing I looked forward to.

New Year´s Eve 2018

Today it´s New Year´s Eve and time for a quick look back at 2018 and what have happen.

First; I never thought that I was going to start a blog, but I did and I did it for me. I´m lucky that I have the chance to travel around and see so many different cities, eat so good food and enjoy so very nice wines and meet so many new and different persons and get so many new friends where I travel.

For me the blog is so much more, it´s more like a diary/ memory book for me and for my family first of all. Sense I don´t have time to see my family so much during the years, so it´s a way for them to see what I´m doing when I traveling. Also, when I´m traveling I take a photos and then I have so many photos in my phone, and after couple of years it´s just a photo and I have forgot where it was, what kind of food and kind of wine and so on. Then it´s much easier to write things down and so I can go back and read and then remember again.

I´m very glad that so many other people read my blog and you can get tip where you should go and eat and drink and cities to fly to. And thank you all for your feedback, it makes it even more fun to continue with my blog.

During 2019 I will write more about the the city I´m visiting, give more tip on what to see/ visit in the cities, but it will continue to be focus on restaurants, food, wine, bars and hotel, and when I have the time also some tip on shopping. Like that as well.

I had some amazing food and wine experiences during 2018, and I´m very sure that 2019 will top them, sense I have some dinners and cities all ready booked, and also I will do some re-visits at some restaurants to taste the new menus.

I wish you everybody a very, very good day with friends, food and wines and also I will you a very, very Happy New Year!!

ROENO – Cantina & Agriturismo, Italy

Early thursday morning and breakfast is done at Hotel GIBERTI and it´s time to make some visits at wineries around Veneto area. Bus comes to pick us up and after about 45 min, we arrives at ROENO. It´s both a winery and Agriturismo, with a location on the border between the wine regions Veneto and Trentino/ Alto Adige. When I got of the bus, it was like I was at the bottom on a Valley, everywhere I look I saw Mountain high as they touched the clouds. Very beautiful and very fresh air to breathe. Veneto wines are most well known as Amarone, Ripasso and Valpolicella and Trentino/ Alto Adige is more well known for the Lagrein, Pinot Bianco, Riesling, Gewürztraminer and so on.

ROENO produce wines with well known grapes as Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Gewürztraminer, Riesling, Müller Thurgau on the white side, but for the reds they have grape that are not so well known ( for me ) and that made this visit something lot more interesting then a visit at a winery that only produce the classic Veneto wines. The reds was wine like Marzemino, Teroldego, Enantio for example. Then also Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Interesting to taste new wines/ grapes.

The wines that I tasted was; Chardonnay ”Le Fratte” Valdadige DOC 2017. Then Pinot Grigio ”Tera Alta” Valdadige DOC 2017 and Pinot Grigio ”Rìvoli” Valdadige DOC 2015 as whites. Then it was time for reds and here it got really interesting. Marzemino ”La Rua” Vallagarina IGT 2016, Teroldego ”I Dossi” Vallagarina IGT 2016, Enantio Terradeiforti DOC 2015 and Enantio Riserva ”1865 Pre-fillossera” DOC 2013.

Then it was time for lunch, and something that was well needed after all thse wines and early breakfast. Moved over to the restaurant and took seat and started to get served.

Starter: Antipasto della casa: speck, salami, lard with grilled polenta and sweet and sour peppers. Primo Piatto: Tagliatelle with enantio, red chicory and crispy speck. Main course: Roast pork and carne salà ( traditional Grilled pork ) with vegatables. Dessert: Sbrisolona cake. Lunch of class.

This visit was something that I will remeber and also, a place to come back to. To have this Agriturismo as base while you explores the area would be a nice thing, all depends on how wide you want to explore the area.