HUGO Restaurant + Weinbar – Berlin – 2017

Every year in October there is a bartenders fair called BCB in Berlin, so I went down to taste some nice and also new spritis brands, but of course I had booked a dinner at the 1 star Michelin Guide restaurant HUGO Restaurant + Weinbar that are located in the luxury hotel InterContinental.

Arrived at the top floor with the elevator and was welcomed by a very nice gentleman that took care of my jacket. Then he showed me trough the winebar and into the restaurant.

It´s a very nice interior and lovely view over Berlin, but to sad that I get a table almost as far as possible from the windows. That made my view not so lovely, but what can you do? Just to enjoy the dinner insted. 

Started with a glass of Champagne, so I could get into the right mood for this dinner. The I choosed the 5 course menu with winepairing. Food was just the way I expected from a 1 star Michelin restaurant and the winepairing was very good as well until the head sommelier came with a orange wine. Didn´t match the food what so ever in my mouth, so that was a very big miss in my eyes…, he spoke so long and well about this wine and then it fell flat with the foodparing. But it´s a big trend right now with nature and orange wines…

I would like to come back and sit by a window next time and give the sommelier a chance again to give me a new winepairing and see how that will be. Next time I will also stay at the hotel, much more easy then to try find a cab that takes creditcard. Cash is still king in Germany and cabs.

Marc Fosh, Palma de Mallorca – 2017

Summer and holiday, so desided to visit Palma de Mallorca. The island that every swedish person travels to when they get the chance. After have looking around for good restaurants, we desided to visit the 1 star Michelin restaurant Marc Fosh.

Taxi arrived to a dark side street and a glass door welcomes us and into the entrance and down to the bar. Little bit early and therefore pre-dinner cocktail. Worked a lot with premium spirits, that make me very happy and I looked forward to taste it. I was not disappointed, and I was also suprised that the bartender choose a more fun glass to serve the drink in.

5 course menu, the biggest they had this night, was choosen and the food started to come in and harmonic way. I don´t really know what I was expected on this dinner, more then high quality food and good wines and nice plating. I arrived as a happy person and I left as a happy person, no less and no more. If you are on Palma de Mallorca, you should visit Marc Fosh.

The interior was very light, lots of glas in the roof so the sun can shine in. We had to sit outside and it was little to cold later on and that was a little minus. They didn´t wanted to close the windows/ glass doors, because other didn´t want to.

Geranium – 2017

We went to Copenhagen and had booked the 3 star Michelin restaurant Geranium, and the anticipation was big. Seen and heard so much about this restaurant, but to be honest not looked up so much exact where it was located. Big surprise when I discover that it was located in one of the 4 towers at the football stadium PARKEN.

Coming out from the elevatior and been met by this wounderful view over Copenhagen, it was great. The interior was so clean, big tables, big windows from floor to roof and wide so it almost looked like one big window. Loved it direct.

We got a big table with a big couch that we could share and from that angel we could continue to look out over Copenhagen during the whole dinner. The food, the plating, the wines, the tea, the service – yes, everything was sooo outstanding!! Can only say positive things about this visit.

After we got a tour and we started in the wine cellar ( lots of very nice wine in there ) and then through the smaller dining area and then into the prep kitchen, from where the chefs could look out over the football field, and then into the kitchen and back to our seating.

Geranium is something that I must visit again!

Enrico Bartolini at MUDEC

2017 in May I went to 2 star Michelin restaurant Enrico Bartolini at MUDEC. MUDEC is the Museum of Cultures in Milano and I saw a exhibition about Russia before I went up to the third floor and had dinner at Enrico Bartolini.

We started with some Ferrari Spumante in the courtyard and some snacks to we all was gathered.

Big round tables and very nice chairs ( that is something I think some restaurants forget to think about when they choose chairs, to many focus on the design, but if I´m going to sit for a dinner for hours and enjoy good food and wines, the chairs comfort is importent ) and great new friends from all continents that was invited to this dinner.

The service was top and the food was top, this was a dinner that had it all and I´m looking forward to visit his other restaurants that are located over Italy.  Enrico Bartolini is the only chef in the history of the Michelin Guide to have been awarded four stars at the same time, including two for his eponymous restaurant at the MUDEC Museum of Cultures in Milan.

N´Ombra de Vin – Milano

In may 2017 I and some friends visit a great winebar in Milano, thanks to a very good friend we had the pleasure to find this bar. We all just got blown away of the this winebar. As soon you came down the stairs, it was wines everywhere. The room was narrow, but very deep and by the wall on each side it was wines, almost direct from the floor but up to the roof. On the left  side, we could see a small bar. It was a very nice ”basement” that they have turned into a winebar that I will never forget and will visit as soon I´m back in Milano.

We all hade a great night and we drank some very great wines and there where a lot more of great wines that we didn´t had the time to drink, and we all still talk about this winebar and the wounderful rustic interior.

If you ever go to Milano and like/ love wine, you must go to this place. Here you have the address: N´Ombra de Vin, via S. Marco 2, Milano and if you want to follow them on instagram; @nombradevin


Pictures on some of the dishes we ate

NOMA, Copenhagen – 2015

In 2015 I was at NOMA in Copenhagen and tried their menu. At this time, it was the ”old” NOMA ( today the restaurant BARR is located at that address ).

It was 18 courses and wine to 14 of them, so we had to order wine by the glass to the first dishes. What was strange whith that was that the waitress didn´t want to tell us what wine was best. We desided to go with white and that was lucky, the dishes would not have worked to well with reds. I didn´t like that we didn´t get any information on what choice of wine that would have been best.

During the dinner; Chefs was very good to inform us about the different dishes, but the waitresses didn´t say much about the wines. Just pour it into the glasses and told of the country and area the wines came from.

The food was very interessting and nothing that I had eaten before in this way, so it was very good that I had a open mind when I got there. When it´s that many dishes, it´s maybe normal that I don´t like them all, but overall I was impressed of how they cooked them and come up with the ideas how to cook them.

After it all, we got the chance to see the whole restaurant both in kitchen and the second floor where the ”laboratory” was. Here is was full with chefs that tested new ways of cook a yellow onion for example.

Overall it´s was a experience that I´m glad I did.

Soon my blog is up and running

During september I will get my blog started and here I will tell more about my experiences I have when I visit the restaurants, bars and hotels. A complement to the pictures I post on my Instagram-account.